Monday, November 14, 2016


Dear One,
     The reality of My kingdom living starts, grows and continues from the inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit, not with strange and diverse doctrines which crop up regularly to lead you astray from the teachings of Jesus and the tutoring of My Holy Spirit. Since the Hebrews were so indoctrinated in their own religious practices, My Holy Spirit wrote that they should not be carried away with appeals which again cause them to trust in physical sacrifices and trusting in eating the meats that had been sacrificed as a means of purification.  He said that the teachings of Jesus are the same as they were when He walked the earth and that the only doctrine of My true children should be in His sacrifice which brought My favor and My grace to everyone.  My Spirit wrote that the eating of meat or not eating meat never profited anyone under the old covenant with a nation through whom the flesh of My son Jesus emerged into the earth. 
      My Spirit compared the sacrifice of Jesus with the sacrifices under the old covenant with a nation where the sacrifices were burned outside of the temple outside of and the camp around the tabernacle.  He said that the crucifixion of Jesus did not happen inside of any religious temple or its grounds, as might be expected by the Hebrew people, but the sacrifice and death happened outside of religion completely, signifying that it was for the whole world, not just the religious people. (Hebrews 13:8-12)  He said that the people must go forth to Him outside of the religious practices of the religious laws which never brought peace and rest. He said that in this earth there is no permanent city which offers an everlasting life in the earth but that there is one that comes with the sacrifice of Jesus and the baptism of My Holy Spirit.  He was encouraging the people that there is a resurrection for themselves also, just as there was a resurrection for Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 13:13-14)
     The true sacrifices, as ordained by Me, are the praises of the lips of My children of giving thanks to My name. After identifying the sacrifices that have no effect, He coached My children on the ones which have tremendous effect, which are the praises and thanksgiving to Me of My children which bring them into unity with Me and My kingdom.  He said that the sacrifices of praises are the only ones with which I am pleased. (Hebrews 15)  I am pleased with your praises because I know what they do for you, which is to unite you with Me.  In restoring unity with Me you are able to receive My personal words to you about which My Spirit had previously written that the people should hear My voice and follow My admonitions in order to have kingdom living in the earth. (Hebrews 3:7-19)
     The prayer of the writer of the book to the Hebrews is a prayer of faith.  He prayed that I, your Father of peace who raised Jesus from the dead, that I would make you perfect in every good work so that you might do My will, doing what is pleasing in My sight through the works of Jesus Christ in you with the power of My Holy Spirit.  (Hebrews 13:20-21)  He encouraged you to hear the words of his exhortation and to be encouraged to follow them so that you might have kingdom living while in the earth because of My kingdom coming to earth to live inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 6:10; John 4:9-26) 
      My child, hear My voice, My personal words to you through My Holy Spirit.  Follow My guidance and you will have the soul rest that you seek and the life that I desire for you to have in the earth, which is My kingdom living.
      I am your Father of Love.  Of course I would lead you into a life of love and peace since I am Love and I am Peace.
      Your Father of All Good things   

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