Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Dear One,
    Is perfect peace possible?  Many of My children ask that question and wonder if it is a possibility.   I gave the answer to that problem in My Instruction Book, which is the manual that I gave to my children.  I gave the way to have perfect peace and that is by keeping your mind on Me and My magnificent works instead of keeping your mind on the works of evil in the world which come in the form of worries, cares, anxieties, fears and negative thoughts and attitudes.  (Isaiah 26:3)    
    In My promise to you I said that you will have perfect peace if you will keep your mind fixated on Me and My power to heal you, to protect you, to provide for you, to sustain you, to overcome evil for you, to direct your path and to shepherd you into green pastures for the mind and into paths of success and peace. You can only keep your mind steadfast on Me if you  trust in Me.  And you can only trust in Me if you know Me intimately. 
     Only knowing Me by the hearing of the ear was Job's problem, his only knowing about Me from the experiences of other people instead of knowing Me face to face in a Father and child relationship. (Job 42:1-5)  When Job prayed for his friends who had maligned My personality to him, which had added to Job's curses by speaking untruths about Me, then Job's curses were turned into blessings and he prospered in all of his ways, having a long and prosperous life. (Job 42:10)  Trusting in Me must precede your putting your complete reliance upon Me.  And knowing Me intimately can only come by spending time with Me in meditation and receiving revelations.
     When you trust in Me, having faith to move mountains, your faith in Me is a big problem for the devil.  His objective of injecting negative thoughts into your mind and having your mind fixated on the evil that is in the world will result in your defeat if you are magnifying in your mind the works of devil in the world. But, instead, if you magnify My works of good in your mind, you will begin to have peace in your thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions.  Begin to recognize the absence of peace in your thoughts.  That is easy to identify because you have lost your peace of mind and instead have agreed to magnify turmoil, division, unbelief and strife as a result of your acceptance of those thoughts from hell that come into your mind.
     You must fight the good fight of faith which involves recognizing negative thoughts when they first enter into your mind, then casting them down to hell.
(II Corinthians 10:5-7)  Books that teach along those lines are plentiful in your world.  Teachings by Me about positive thinking in My Instruction Book are plentiful. I said for you to only think on things that are honest, true, pure, lovely, of a good report, virtuous and worthy of praise; and then My peace which passes all human understanding will keep your hearts and minds peaceful.  (Philippians 4:6-9)
    So the instructions from me are that if you will keep your thoughts on Me and My wonderful power that is at work in you and for you, that I will keep your mind in perfect peace   That is My promise to you.  That is the way to allow Me to lead you into green pastures of peace and restore your soul.  (Psalm 23:1-2) 
    As a result of having a peaceful mind, you will want to keep peace with all people.  You will make it your aim in life to do what I asked you to do, which is,  "If at all possible, keep peace with everyone."  You will have kingdom living when peace prevails.
    Your Peace Loving Father

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