Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Dear One,
    My children are experts at quoting My Instruction Book but not doing what My guidance demands in those scriptures.  My children quote that I said if My children who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.  (I Chronicles 7:14) They religiously quote that edict that I gave, proudly displaying that they know it, but they do not do what I said to do in it in order for their lands to be healed. 
    I said that they must personally pray, seeking to hear My personal words to each one of them.  Few of My children spend time seeking My face and My words, hearing My voice so that I can lead them out of the mess that they have made in the world.  That is a repeated scenario from the beginning of time, from Adam's unity with the devil which broke his unity with Me:  People get themselves into deep problems because of their adopting evil ways by yielding to the devil, having mean thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  Because of the evil ways that they do, they sow evil into their world which grows evil events into their lives, and then they come crying to Me to heal them and heal their land.  They present their woes to Me about how other people are so evil and how righteous they are. 
    I am eager, ready and able to meet their needs, heal them and heal their land, but the problem is that they do not do what I told them to do, which is to turn from their own wicked ways of strife, hatred, anger, oppressing the poor, and pointing their fingers in judgment and scorn. (Isaiah 58:9) In addition, they do injury to others with their tongues, they shed innocent blood, their ways are of destruction and judgment instead of peace. 
     My children adorn themselves with sackcloth and ashes to be seen to be religious by others but their insides are filled with judgment and hatred because of their binding with religious and political tenets after having been warned time and time again by Jesus not to listen to the rhetoric of the scribes and Pharisees. (Luke 20:46-47; Matthew 23:13-36) My children not only listen to the words that lead to hell, but they embrace them, calling them national patriotism, and they follow their crooked paths which lead to a life of hell on earth instead of following My straight paths which lead to righteousness.  The woes of which I spoke are hell on earth.
     I told My children about the fasts that I choose for them instead of their fasting religiously. (Isaiah 58:3-8) I told you to divide your food with the hungry, to bring the homeless into your own home, to cover the naked when you see him, to give to your own flesh and blood when there is a need.  (Isaiah 58:7-8)  I said when you do those things that your light will break forth as the morning sun, that your healing and the power for a new life will spring forth speedily for you, that YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS will go before you, producing peace and prosperity and that My glory will be your rear guard. Then you will cry to Me and I will joyfully say, "Here I am."  (Isaiah 58:9)    
      I said if you take away from yourself oppression of others in every form, the pointing of the finger in scorn, and if you take away from yourself every form of false, harsh, unjust and wicked speaking, and if you pour out your own food for the poor, and if you satisfy the afflicted, then your light will shine in the darkness of hell that has come into the earth. Then I will guide you and satisfy you in droughts and dry places, and I will make your bones strong.  Then YOU will be like a well watered garden and a spring of water whose waters never fail.  I said in that spiritual atmosphere that I will raise up the broken foundation that the generational curses have caused and you will be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of the streets to walk upon. 
    I told you that My arm is not short so that I cannot save you and My ear is not dull so that I cannot hear your prayers, but your own iniquities have separated us as you willingly yielded to the devil's temptation.  Those actions of yours have formed a barrier between you and Me so that I cannot rescue you and save you from the woes in which you find yourself. 
    Return to Me and do what I ask you to do, forgive others speedily, love your enemies, do good to those people who do evil, pray for the people who are caught in the snares of evil, become a light in a dark world by becoming like Me and taking My advice, providing My blessings to the oppressed, the mentally unbalanced, the sick, the sinners, the unbelievers, the deceived and the scorned.
    I said that you must observe the Sabbath rest, allowing Me to orchestrate your path and then your following it, giving you rest from your labors  You honor Me by having faith that I will provide a straight path for you if you will not do your own pleasurable will and chart your own path.  I said that if will pray and allow Me to orchestrate your paths, that you will delight in Me and I will make you to ride upon the high places of the earth and that I will feed you with your entire inheritance.
(Isaiah 58:13-14) 

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