Thursday, November 10, 2016


Dear One,
     In My teaching relating to the vast multitude of heavenly witnesses who surround you, I reminded you about Esau, whose sacrifices were of the flesh and not the ones that I chose which I mandated would free him from evil. (Hebrews 12:16-17)  It grieved Me that Esau was not able to enter into the benefits of inheriting My blessings even though he was crying.  He did not repent and return to the proper sacrifices that would put him in the path of receiving My blessings, that being to stop fraternizing with the devil and begin to do what I advised in the religious laws that would, at that time under the old covenant, separate him from evil and return him to doing My good actions in his life.
     I used Esau's story as an example to My children who neglect to make a straight path to My inheritance for themselves by keeping peace with everyone, which I had mandated; also they neglect to become righteous as I am righteous, of which I had admonished them; also those who neglect to extend My grace and favor to others, which I had commanded; and those who erroneously let the bitterness of the devil consume their thoughts, attitudes, words and actions, of which I had warned them not to do.  In relating those actions to Esau's story, I wanted My children to know that I do not withhold My inheritance from anyone, but that it is their own refusal to take My advice that I gave to them that they have neglected, their refusal to follow My Fatherly advice.  My advice would lead them to inherit My entire family fortune that I set aside for them from the foundation of the earth. (Hebrews 12:13-17; John 12:46-50) The problem is that My children often choose to do the will of their enemy, the devil, which leads to destruction and death, instead of doing My will, which leads to life and soul peace.
    I emphasized that My children have My full attention, and in the spiritual dimension surrounding them they have the attention of an innumerable number of angels, plus the spirits of the firstborn from the dead, also the spirits of just men made perfect.  Also I said that you have the full attention of Jesus Christ who is the mediator of My new covenant with people, and in that heavenly dimension is the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus which makes all people totally acceptable to Me, even more than Abel, whose sacrifice under the old covenant made him able to receive his inheritance because he followed My advice and made the sacrifice that I said would cleanse him of all of the devil's works in his life. (Hebrews 12:22-24) I said that your helpers, who are in the spiritual dimension around you, are forever bringing My family inheritance into the lives of My children who choose to do My will in the earth because their doing My will in the earth identifies them as My children.
     Again I tell you that I never withhold anything from My children, but it is your  fraternizing with your enemy, the devil, which causes the separation between us.  I cannot issue My blessings to My children when they are in unity with evil because evil and good do not mix.  You either love good and hate evil, or you love evil and hate good.  (Matthew 6:24-27; Isaiah 59:1-4)   When My born-of-the- Spirit and baptized-in-My-Spirit children love Me enough to take My advice, believe My admonitions, take My Fatherly instructions and follow them, then they are able to inherit the family fortunes which bring life and soul peace to them.
    You are not alone.  You have all of My forces in heaven to assist you and work for you in order for you to have kingdom living while in the earth and in My heaven.   Don't be like Esau who never inherited His spiritual fortune, and don't be like the Jews who perished in the wilderness because of the same thing, becoming consumed with griping, groaning, bitterness, strife and neglecting to forgive others as I forgive you.  My children remove themselves from My blessings.  I never remove My blessings from them. 
     I grieved for Esau and I grieve for you when you become consumed with evil thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  When you know My will and choose to engage with your enemy in his ways, you remove yourself from My blessings.  But when you love Me enough to follow My ways, turning and coming back into fellowship with Me, then I rejoice and the cloud of witnesses rejoice because you are again able to inherit the family fortune which brings soul peace.(John 14:16-18; John 15:9-12)
     Be conscious of what I have provided for you, along with My help.  There is an entire spiritual corporate congregation of helpers who delight in giving you My kingdom in order that you will have kingdom living on earth, as it is in heaven.
     Your Inheritance Providing Father of Love.  

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