Sunday, November 27, 2016


Dear One,
    When My children spiritually discern what I have taught to them by My Holy Spirit through My Firstborn Son Jesus and the prophets of My old and new covenants, they will be able to incorporate My kingdom living into their lives while they live in the earth. They will know how to overcome the temptations and all of the works of the devil and they will know how to avoid the works of the devil which are so hidden from their views by him that they are cooperating with him without even knowing it.
     However, if My children refuse to hear My Holy Spirit's discernment and continue to follow the temptations of the devil as delivered to them through their religious and political divisive beliefs, they will always be a slave to the devil's works in the earth and have to be satisfied with only having kingdom living when they come to live with Me in My heaven.  Even though they received My kingdom into their lives when they were born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, if they refuse to allow Me to change their thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions away from the devil's evil motivations to My good motivations, then they are sowing the devil's seeds which bring the devil's curses into their own lives.  The pity is that they thought they were doing My will all of the time, but they refused to hear My words of love, peace, goodness and kindness; and, instead, they enjoy the divisive, hate filled, angry, toxic political and religious rhetoric of the scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees and hypocrites of which Jesus spoke so often.  They call it patriotism but it is demonic fervor which elevates them with pride which always leads to a fall.  When they fall to the bottom of the family tree in relation to being blessed, they think they are being disciplined by Me.  In reality, they are being judged and condemned by the devil for doing his will because they have bound themselves to the devil instead of binding themselves to Me and My words of love.
     The truth behind My spiritual principle of binding and loosing is simple.  If you bind yourself in narrow religious or political beliefs to groups who espouse hatred, anger, division, discord, exclusion, racial or religious or political prejudice, you will never inherit My promised kingdom living while you live in the earth. (Psalm 32:10; Isaiah 1;4; Isaiah 5:20; Isaiah 10:1)  You will always inherit the woes of the scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees of which Jesus spoke so frequently, and you will inherit the woes of the hyprocrites of which He also spoke so eloquently. I warned My children many, many times in My Instruction Book for My children to beware of their words, but My children continue to follow their toxic words because My children are blinded to My words by the devil, all in the name of religious affiliation and national patriotism.  Their patriotism to a nation which oppresses the poor, the widows and orphans, the disadvantaged, the disabled, the demon possessed and the people of different racial or cultural backgrounds, that blind patriotism will lead to the destruction of the nation and to the people who espouse blind devotion to it.
     I said that to whomever you bind yourself in the earth, you are also bound to it in the heavens.  If you bind yourself, even ignorantly, to the hateful words and attitudes of the hypocrites, scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees, you will be bound to the devil's works whose motivation from his kingdom of hell they have bound themselves.  But I said if you loose yourself from those hateful words and attitudes and listen to My personal words of wisdom and discernment, you will be  bound to Me and My kingdom and you will inherit My kingdom blessings while you are in the earth.  Many of My children say they are "suffering for Jesus" but they are really suffering the curses of the devil because they have bound themselves to his curses by incorporating his evil thoughts, attitudes, words and actions, judging the poor and the disadvantaged. 
      Who is your Father?  Am I your Father?
     If I am your true Father, you will listen to My Holy Spirit, heed His personal words to you which confirm the teachings of Jesus, and you will receive your inheritance from Me while in the earth.
     If your religious institution is your god and your political men and women are your heroes, you will inherit their toxic curses and wonder how it happened.  I warned you in My Instruction Book many times to beware of their words. 
     Listen to Me and live the kingdom life that I promised.  You can't serve two masters.
     Your True Father of Love and Blessings. 

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