Friday, November 18, 2016


Dear One,
    Your brother Jesus spoke My words to you very emphatically but lovingly.  He told you the thoughts and attitudes that come from My family of love.  He said they are peace, love, mercy, goodness, kindness, joy, patience and faith.  He said that any of My children who walk in the earth operating in My thoughts and attitudes will be blessed.  He outlined the words and actions that come from knowing Me and He said that forgiveness for other people is an indication of your having Me as your Father because I forgive all sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  When you forgive everyone, refusing to seek vengeance, you are acting like My child and I will avenge you. (Romans 12:19)        
    Jesus spoke words that qualify you as being My true child.  He said that if you love Me that you will honor My instructions to you and you will do them.  (John 14:15-17) That was a huge revelation to My children, that your degree of love that you have for Me is measured by how much honor you give to My words by seeking them, hearing them and obeying them.  He said if you will hear His words, following His admonitions, then you will remain in My love just like Jesus kept My words and remained in My love.  (John 15:10-11)  He said that you would remain in My love.  He did not say that I would ever withdraw My love from you if you don't heed My words.  In other words, when you take My advice you will remain surrounded by the spiritual dimension of My kingdom of love, but when you reject My words and follow the temptations of the devil, then you become surrounded by his kingdom of curses which will destroy you.  He was saying that you have a choice of whose family you want to minister to you, either My kingdom of love of the devil's kingdom of destruction.
    Every good parent wants to protect his own children.  Part of that protection is the training that they give to their children, teaching them to avoid the evil that is in the world and teaching them how to succeed in every area of their lives.
    I am your Father and I have given you My words through My Holy Spirit on how to avoid the evil in the world and I teach you how to succeed in life,  It is all done by My words to you.  If you don't listen to Me and if you don't do what I ask you to do for your own success, then you have become a rebellious child and you do not qualify to inherit the kingdom living in the world that I intended you to have when I created the world for you because you have joined another family, one of evil.  When you reject My advice, You have placed yourself outside of My family so you have rejected your inheritance.  You become as Adam was, cursed in every area of your life.
    I said truly that anyone who hears My words and believes them, that he or she has crossed over from death into the abundant life that I promised.  The way that I arranged for you to be able to hear My voice and take My advice as your Heavenly Father is through My gift to you of My very own Holy Spirit who comes to live inside of your spirit, being your guide, your companion, your teacher, your comforter, your ever constant help, your protector and your wisdom.                   
He is the One who leads you into all truth.  Jesus said that My Spirit would take the words of instruction that He spoke to you and that He, the Holy Spirit, would reveal them to you because without My Spirit you have no revelation.  Without Him, you only have religious laws which fail. 
    I gave you the ability to hear My words and I gave you the power to take My Fatherly advice when I gave you the gift of My Holy Spirit, whom Jesus called the Promise of the Father from the foundation of the world.   I gave you everything necessary for the abundant life when I gave you My Spirit because He and I are One.  Peter confirmed it when he said that by My divine power I have given to My children everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness.  (II Peter 1:3-4)
    When My children frivolously read My Instruction Book without consulting My Spirit for revelation, they are cheating themselves of living the abundant life that I intended for all of My children.  Truly, I said, when you know My truths about the dangers of sowing judgment into the world by judging others and when you return evil for evil, you are doing more than being deceived.  You are willingly joining with your enemy, the devil, and you are signing a contract with him to receive his inheritance of destruction and death.  You condemn your own children for disobeying you, but yet you have joined with your own enemy to destroy yourself and your family.        
    Don't let the thoughts and attitudes of the kingdom of hell become more obvious and more prevalent in your life than My attitudes of love.   When you do, you participate in sabotaging your own life of having an abundance of My blessings.  If you do find yourself void of peace and love being returned to you and you have given your abundant life over to the evil one, you can abandon the kingdom of curses and return to My kingdom of love.  Remember the Prodigal Son.  I am immediately there to welcome you home and make you a family member again with all of its benefits.  It might take a while to restore all of My inheritance to you that you gave over to the enemy as his spoils, but with dedicated intercessory prayers and staying in unity with My Spirit, We, together, can take back your blessings from your enemy, the devil. 
     If you love Me, you will seek to hear My words, and when you hear them if you will take My valuable Fatherly advice, heeding My words, putting them into practice in your life with the power of My Spirit, you have proved you love Me with all of your heart, soul and mind.
     You are the one who receives the benefits of hearing My words and taking My advice.  You receive the answers to all of your prayers and you enjoy a thrilling, loving life of kingdom living while on earth as well as later in My heaven. 
     Your Father of Kingdom Living               

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