Thursday, November 17, 2016


Dear One,
     Some of My children still prefer to live pigpen living while in the earth instead of adopting My character and inheriting My kingdom living while in the earth.  They have been deceived because they don't personally know Me so they listen to religious and political teachings by demons, the same ones that crucified Jesus.  They make the words of their religious and political leaders much more important than My instructions to them.  Following My guidance will bring green pastures and still waters into their lives, yet some of My children prefer discord, strife and hatred to love, peace and mercy.  Their discord, strife and hatred will cause destruction to flood into their lives in various ways.  Those curses from hell don't happen immediately or you would connect the destructive attitudes to the destructive situations.  The devil is more clever than that.  The destructive curses come later, long enough later that you will not connect your unloving attitudes and the destructive events.  (Matthew 18:7-9)
    My children who prefer to listen to and heed the poison from the mouths of religious and political leaders must prefer the devil's pigpen living to My kingdom living, which is living in the earth like a king because they have chosen My kingdom instead of the kingdom of the devil.  When My children are taught to oppress the poor, to reject immigrants, touting racial, prejudicial attitudes and taught to judge others who sin or hold different beliefs, they have signed their lives over to having pigpen living, inheriting the curses of the devil, and he is crucifying My Son again in the lives of My children. The devil entices you to inherit his destruction and death and My children are falling for his lies in droves. (Matthew 23:13-39)
    Jesus prophesied that woes from hell would come upon those who practice the teachings of the Pharisees and scribes.  It is not My will.  My will is that My children will seek Me and turn from the prejudicial and strife filled ways of the religious and political leaders, humbling themselves and uniting again with Me after rejecting their former father, the devil. (John 8:42-45; II Chronicles 7:14-15)  
    When My children are able to do what I admonished them to do, which is love others as I love them, then I can again hear their pleas and heal their land.  (John 13:34) Until they turn from judging, condemning, discord, sowing strife and hated, I cannot heal anything, neither My children nor their land.  I cannot heal them or their land until they reject the teachings of the devil that come through the mouths of their religious and political leaders and then they return into unity with Me.  As long as they prefer the teaching that originate from demons, I am powerless to intervene. (I Timothy 1:3-11)
    I told you to watch your life and your doctrine of love closely, never to depart from it.  There is no other doctrine of Jesus Christ other than to love others as I love you.  Love never takes into account a wrong action or attitude of anyone and love judges no one.  Love declares everyone innocent, just as I do, because of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. (I Corinthians 13:4-8) All is forgiven in My heart and every bad action of another human must be forgiven in your heart,  When you do, you fulfill the laws of Christ which is to forgive everyone as I forgive you.  Kingdom living floods into your life when you can love with My unconditional love and when you forgive with My unconditional forgiveness.
     You and your land are easily healed when you walk in My Spirit of Love.  I said that living waters will spring forth from you and water your garden, producing living, healing plants in your earth.  (Isaiah 58:11)  Healing you and your land depends upon your leaving the works of the scribes and the Pharisees and returning to Me, doing My will in the earth.  I have no other will than that you love one another as I love you.
     You Father of Multitudes of Blessings 

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