Saturday, November 12, 2016


Dear One,
     My Holy Spirit wrote in His letter to the Hebrews again and again about brotherly love, continuing in love with everyone as was the command that Jesus made over and over before His ministry on earth was finished. (Hebrews 12:1)  My Spirit mirrors the same message because We are One being.  The only difference between the command of Jesus and My Spirit's admonition is that My Spirit gives you the power to love others with My love and He gives it to you from the inside of you where I live since My children are My dwelling place in the earth.  In other words, Jesus gave you the command and My Holy Spirit gives you the power to obey the command.
     After My Spirit told you to continue in brotherly love with everyone, He gave another valuable admonition.  He said not to forget to entertain strangers because you might be entertaining angels of which you are not aware who they are. (Hebrews 13:2)  He had just written a long letter pertaining to angels, that they are servants sent by Me to serve My children, the inheritors of My salvation.  He contrasted angels to My children to whom I had given the earth after I created it for them, and He contrasted angels to My Son Jesus whose ministry was to die for the sins of the world. (Hebrews 1:2-5) He said that angels are created beings whose duty is to minister spiritual works in heaven and in earth for My children, as ordained and orchestrated by Me.  Yet, even though they are servants, My Spirit did not want you to be ignorant of the work that they do for you.(Hebrews 1; 6-7; 1:13-14)  My entire letter to the Hebrews relates to spiritual things, spiritual beings, spiritual help, spiritual revelations and and the reality of the spiritual dimension that is around you, not high up in the sky, but it is at hand, as close as your hand is My heaven which surrounds you in another dimension that is spiritual. (Hebrews 12:1)
      The revelation of the ministry of angels working in your behalf is followed by a discourse on faith and the value of having faith in Me.  As I told you, the more you know about the spiritual world in another dimension around you, the more faith you have because you are informed about the multitude of spiritual beings who are working for your good both in heaven around you and in your life in the earth.  My Spirit wrote the same thing when He wrote to the Hebrew people that they should not be ignorant of such a great salvation.  (Hebrews 2:3-4) He wants you to be knowledgeable  about all that I have provided for you in order that you might have My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, just as Jesus prayed. (Matthew 6:10) 
    In a battle, the soldiers are weak in power if they don't know the amount of soldiers who back them up and if they aren't informed on the arsenal that they have at their disposal in order to emerge victorious in the battle.  It's the same in My family in the battle between good and evil.  If My children are ignorant of the resources that are available to them in their battle against evil, then they are ineffective in the battles.  They are weak in faith and weak in power.  My Spirit says that there is no excuse for ignorance because those truths are numerous in My Instruction Book to you.  Faith comes by hearing My words to you and your faith increases with a revelation of the backup army of angels and other spiritual beings who are supporting you in My heavenly dimension that surrounds you. 
    As Peter wrote, I have supplied everything to you that is necessary for you to have My promised abundant life while in the earth and I have even provided the godliness in you which attracts My kingdom into your life.  (II Peter 1:3-4)  You must increase in My righteousness to inherit all of the inheritance that I have for you, increasing in My divine nature, adding virtue, temperance, kindness, patience, godliness, revelation knowledge and love.  He said that if those things are in you and abound in you, that you will not be barren and unfruitful in My vast knowledge, the same knowledge which was in Jesus Christ. (II Peter 1:5-6)
     Read your Instruction Book which is called the Bible and ask My Holy Spirit to reveal the meaning in every word, every line, every phrase, every verse and every chapter of every book.  For a life of happiness and joy while in the earth, you must know how to effectively operate while in the earth, learning to access everything that I have given to aid you.  I have given you the Instruction Book and I have given you the Teacher, My Holy Spirit.  There is nothing else that you need.
     Your Father of Power and Love    

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