Monday, November 21, 2016


Dear One,
    I'm sure that you have found it difficult, if not impossible, to love your enemies and to do good to them, as your Brother Jesus advised you to do if you want to have kingdom living while in the earth.  He had My Holy Spirit's power in His DNA and He was baptized in My Spirit when My fire from heaven landed upon Him, equipping Him for His work of ministry in the world.  His enemies were many, the scribes, the Sadducees, the hypocrites, the religious leaders, the Pharisees and the Roman Army, all who were influenced by the devil to ruin His ministry simply because He said He was My son and that I am His Father.  The devil was intent on getting back at Me through My Son Jesus so the devil aimed his venom at Jesus.  My Son learned obedience through His suffering in resisting the devil's temptations to strike back at the people who struck out at Him in words or deeds, as they prompted by the devil because of His being My son.  He knew that the people were not His problem but that the devil was His problem.
     In coaching His followers, and also you, Jesus told you to do what I told Him to do, which is to make peace with anyone who accuses you, that you do not strike back with words or fists when someone strikes you, that you love your enemies, that you do good to your enemies, that you pray for your enemies and that you bless your enemies who do evil deeds to you. (Matthew 5:21-26; Matthew 5:38-48)   You need to know that it is not the person who originates any evil action against you but instead it is the devil's motivation coming against you in order to entice you to engage in conflict so that through the conflict he can assure that evil will enter into your life, causing you to incorporate the devil's actions into your life instead of My actions, thus cutting off your inheritance from Me.  That is the first insight that you must believe.
     Not only do I tell you how to keep peace with everyone in your world but I give you the Spirit of Peace, My Holy Spirit, to empower you to refuse conflict and instead to always lead you to keeping peace.  Remember that it is only people who are peacemakers who are called My children. (Matthew 5:9)  A person might call himself or herself by My name, but if he or she does not keep peace with everyone, there is no indication that the person is My child.  My angels cannot deliver My rightful inheritance to them if they do not keep peace with everyone. 
     You must realize the beneficial activity in the spiritual dimension around you when you do good to your enemies.  Paul saw it when He came to My heaven, whether in the body or out of it.  He wrote about it and told you what happens when you do not return evil for evil done to you, when you go good to your enemies, feeding them if they are hungry, giving water to them if they are thirsty, praying for them and always loving them.  He said that in doing those good deeds in the earth to your enemies that it authorizes My angels to minister My coals of fire to burn out the evil from the heart of your enemies.  (Romans 12:14-20)  So, in other words, you are saving the lives of your enemies when you do what I commanded you to do through Jesus Christ, My Son.  My angels have the fire of My Spirit inside of them and they always accompany My Spirit, seeking to burn out the demons who spur people to do evil deeds.  (Ezekiel 1:11-13)  John the Baptist said that he baptized in water but that Jesus Christ would baptize people with the Spirit and fire.  (Matthew 3:11)
    I want you to know that when I coached you to love your enemies, to pray for them, to do good to them, to forgive them, that I was telling you how to save your life and the lives of your enemies, issuing My salvation to those who do evil deeds because My Spirit burns evil out of them. 
     When I said that the peacemakers are blessed, My full meaning of being blessed is that you enjoy enviable happiness, that you are enviably fortunate, that you are spiritually prosperous with life-joy and full satisfaction in My favor and salvation and you are walking in full revelation of My grace.  In other words, My kingdom living becomes reality in your life.
     Jesus said that when He cast out a demon from a person that My kingdom comes upon that person.  When you do what Jesus told you to do for  anyone who insults you, opposes you, hits you, sues you, injures you or does any other form of evil against you, you fulfill the commandment of Jesus Christ, that you love others as I love you.  When you pray for and do good to your enemies, you save the person who opposes you from the works of evil that have ministered to him or her and you authorize My Spirit, accompanied by My angels, to burn out the evil that motivated the person.  When you do this, I avenge you by giving you peace with everyone.
      You save your enemies from the works of the devil when you love them as I love you, doing what Jesus told you to do.  When you love your enemies as I love you, you participate with Me, Jesus Christ and My Spirit to save your enemies from the evil works of the devil, thus fulfilling the words of Jesus.  As a result, you enjoy My kingdom living while on earth.
      Your Father of Complete Love and Forgiveness          

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