Sunday, November 20, 2016


Dear One,
    My children are spiritually ignorant of many of My teachings and admonitions to
them because they do not depend upon Me for My personal one-on-one tutoring for them which I instituted when I sent My Holy Spirit into them to be their personal guide and teacher.  Instead of coming to Me for wisdom and insight, they consult human teachers who depend upon other human teachers who depended upon other human teachers for their weak spiritual insights which became institutionalized many years ago.  They leave Me out of their lives, our relationship being tainted by human doctrines instead of their being led into My kingdom by My wisdom and insight which heals and invites My kingdom living into their lives.   My Holy Spirit's words are fresh every moment and are applicable to your own situation, your own circumstances and your own particular life.  You must use the teachings of Jesus and the writers of My Instruction Book to verify the truths that I teach you.  Yes, I even give you confirmation through My Book so that you will not be led astray.
     It is a common truth in your world that the words that you speak have power, that negative words spoken by you will bring negative events into your life and that positive words spoken by you will bring positive events into you life.  That is an important element of My truth which has often been neglected by My children.  The explanation behind that truth is the spiritual truth of seed sowing and harvest that is still in full operation in your world.  So the powerful truth is that the words that you speak will either cause you to be blessed or they will end up cursing you. 
     My son Jesus was explicit in teaching this truth when He walked the earth.  He said that you are defiled by every negative word that you speak.  (Matthew 15:11-20)  My disciple James had direct insight from Me which mirrored the teaching of Jesus.  He even compared your tongue as setting afire by hell itself. (James 3:4)  He said that My children stumble and fall about many things which I teach, but that a person who does not offend in speech is a perfect person, with the ability to control his whole body and curb its sinful nature.  (James 3:2) He said that your tongue sets ablaze a forest fire which can consume you and all that you have.  (James 3:5)  Yet, My children continue to curse each other and in doing so they curse their own lives. 
     James said that out of your same mouth comes praises for Me and also comes words which speak evil against My other children. (James 3:9-11) Jesus said earlier that what you do to the least of My children that you do to Me, so in speaking negative about anyone, you are also cursing Me because that person is made in My image, just as you are. (Matthew 25:40)  My words created the world and because you are made in My image your words also create either heaven on earth or hell on earth depending on where the words originate, from Me or from the devil.  James said that if a person thinks he or she is wise and intelligent, that it is proven by the words he or she speaks, whether they are negative or positive, whether they bring peace to the hearers or whether they bring discord to the hearers.  (James 3:13; Ephesians 4:29-32)
     The root attitudes behind all speech that defiles you are named by James.  He said jealousy, envy, rivalry, selfish ambition, strife and pride are at the root of negative words spoken and that in those attitudes you are in defiance and a false witness to My Truth because where there is strife there is a gathering of all of the evil works from hell, meaning the demons.  Some are identified as spirits of contention, confusion, unrest, disharmony and rebellion.  (James 3:16) 
     The root attitudes behind all speech that comes from Me which blesses you as being My child are peaceful words, gentle words, compassionate words, impartial words, wholehearted words and words filled with My good fruits of love.  I wrote to you through James that when you have My spiritual attitudes and when you speak only words of love from your mouth, that you will have a harvest of righteousness in the seeds sown in peace and harmony with others because those good seeds from you are free from fears, agitating passions and moral conflicts. (James 3:17-18)
    Consider your harvest while in the earth.  If you are harvesting fear, conflict and strife, then you must take an account of the words that you speak and the state of your heart, because out of the abundance of either My love in your heart or the devil's strife in your heart is what your mouth will speak.(Psalms 37:30)
     If you love Me, you will become My child who is in control of your thoughts, your attitudes and your words.  When you are able to accomplish that, you will live My kingdom life while in the earth.
     Don't act as if words are not important.  Your enemy the, devil, has fed that untruth into you.  My words created your world in the beginning and your words create your world now, whether it is blessed or cursed.
     Your Father of An Abundance of Blessings.

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