Friday, September 9, 2016


Dear One,
    Peter and John experienced My kingdom coming to earth before the day of Pentecost when they accompanied Jesus to a mountain to pray.  He had told the disciples and others that some some of them would see My kingdom before they died.  Eight days later, when they went to the mountain with Jesus, they reveled in My kingdom as it was evidenced ministering to Jesus.  (Luke 10:27-28)
    As Jesus prayed, His entire countenance changed and He was white and glistening as My kingdom enveloped Him.  Moses and Elias appeared to them in their glory and spoke to Jesus about His death which was shortly to come at Jerusalem.  Peter, who had been asleep, awakened and saw My glory surrounding Jesus, Moses and Elias.  (Luke 10:29-32)  Peter, always the practical one, without thinking offered to make tents for Moses, Elias and Jesus.  As He spoke, there came a cloud and enveloped Moses and Elias.  They entered into the cloud, the manifestation of My kingdom.  I spoke My identification of Jesus when I said, "This is My Son.  Listen to Him."  After I spoke My firm identification of My Son to them, Jesus was there alone.  Moses and Elias had re-entered My heavenly kingdom. (Luke 10: 33-36) Jesus had prophesied that some of his disciples would see My kingdom before they died.  Peter and John had surely seen with their natural eyes the glorious presence of My kingdom coming to earth temporarily. 
     That wonderful situation happened because of My unconditional love for My Son Jesus.  I wanted Him to be prepared for what was ahead of Him, His death, His trip to hell as payment for the sins of the entire world, His resurrection and His walking the earth for 40 days ministering about My Holy Spirit and My kingdom.
     In the world today, when a person is born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, there is an immediate change inside the person.  There is a glorious transformation that takes place that is equal in importance to the situation that happened on the mountain.  Old things pass away and all things become new. My kingdom becomes number one in importance because of experiencing My glorious kingdom of love.  Jesus had said earlier that looking back at the old life or going back to the old life and its demonic influences is equal to Lot's wife who turned to a pillar of salt when she looked back at the destruction.  My desire is that you become dead to the old life and you are alive to newness of life. (Luke 10:23-26)
     My Holy Spirit told you in your Instruction Book that you, also, are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses consisting of the city of the living God, an innumerable company of angels, the assembly of the firstborn whose names were written in heaven, the spirits of just men made perfect, Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, the blood of Jesus, and Me, I am the one who judges evil spirits, casting them into the abyss. (Hebrews 1:1 and 22-24)  He admonished you to lay aside every weight and sin that so easily comes upon you so that you can run with patience the race that is set before you, looking only to Jesus who is the author and the finisher of your faith, looking to how He defeated the works of the devil so that you can have kingdom living in this life and in the life to come. (Hebrews 1-2)   I cast the devil out of My heaven and now you must cast his demons out of your earthly life and earthly home by the power of My Spirit.  
     Seeking to intimately know Me like I know you, as Paul said he did, is what qualifies you to live in My kingdom benefits while you are still in the earth.  The more intimately that you know Me, the more My blessings are able to be ushered into your life because My kingdom becomes more evident in your life.  One never knows a person until he or she spends quality time with the person.  It is the same spiritually, spending quality time with me one-on-one in total communion with Me will allow Me to fill you with truth and teach you the principles of My family.  My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and He is eager to fill you with My truth which sets you free from death and destruction in every area of your life. 
     You are not alone.  My kingdom is already yours because of My Holy Spirit living inside of you.  You are also surrounded by My kingdom of love, as evidenced by Peter and John when two of My cloud of witnesses became evident to them..  You only need to spend time with Me for it to be evidenced in your life.  The more time you spend alone with Me, the more you become the light on a hill, lighting the way for others to know Me because of your enjoyment of kingdom living. 
     Your Kingdom Living Father        

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