Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus was the fulfillment of the prophesy of Isaiah who said that the people who sat in great darkness saw a great Light; and to them which sat in the shadow of death, the Light sprung up. (Matthew 4:16) He came to earth, He taught and ministered, He died, He rose from the dead, He came to live again with Me and We sent that same Light into the world in the person of My Holy Spirit.  My kingdom of love came to earth to live in My children and that is called the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of God.  Jesus was recognized by some people as that Light that came to enlighten the people who were engulfed in darkness and sat in the shadow of death.  The people who were freed from the clutches of evil and no longer were baptized in the darkness of the devil certainly recognized whom He was.  The people who were were made alive again and were no longer enslaved by the devil's destruction and death certainly recognized whom He was.  When the Light is turned on inside of a person, all things become clear. 
     John the Baptist preached that My kingdom was at hand, soon to come upon the earth.  Jesus also preached that My kingdom was at hand, soon to be manifested in the earth.  In fact, He even taught the people to pray that My kingdom would come into the earth just as it is in heaven. (Matthew 4:17; Matthew 6:10)  Yet, some of the people still refused to recognize the brilliant Light.  Multitudes of people were drawn to the Light in Jesus, eager to benefit from the healing power of that Light and eager to hear the teachings coming from that source of My Light.  Yet, many of the religious leaders of the day did not recognize Jesus as the Light because their minds were clouded by the veil of religious laws in whom they trusted instead of their having trusted in Me. (John 1:1-14)  They rejected the Light because they loved the darkness created by their laws.
    Jesus taught many times about My Light coming into the world and its availability to people who are seeking answers to their questions, solutions to their problems and guidance into freedom for their entire beings.  He eventually identified Himself for sure as being the Light of the world.  When the scribes and Pharisees brought to Him a woman who was caught in adultery and challenged Him to do what the religious law required, which was being stoned to death, Jesus reminded the accusers of their own sins and then told the woman that her sins were forgiven  and to go and do not sin again.  All of that was contrary to religious and civil laws at the time. (John 9:3-11)
    Then Jesus announced the truth, that He is the Light of the world and that anyone who follows Him will not walk in darkness but shall have the Light of life inside of him or her.  (John 8:12)  "The Light of life" is a wonderful description of My kingdom coming into the lives of My children.  All of the works of the darkness of hell vanish from the person and I place My Holy Spirit's life inside of the person. My kingdom becomes evident in the person with My insight, My wisdom, My love and My peace resident in the person where there was once only darkness.
     Jesus identified the judgment of the Pharisees who judge others according to religious laws as" judging by the flesh."  Then he said that He judges no person, but that if he did judge it was the judgment of discerning the works of the devil working through a person instead of judging the person as evil.  Jesus judged the devil and cast his demons out of people instead of demanding death by stoning for anyone caught in adultery or other sins.  The Light shone in the darkness brilliantly.  The forgiveness that came from the Light of Jesus for the woman caught in adultery blinded the Pharisees who persisted in walking in darkness.  However, other people continued to follow His light and benefit from His ministry of freeing people from the works of the devil and from the Light of His teachings.  Jesus said that His own judgment judged the devil, not people. The religious leaders preferred to judge people. (John 8:15-6)
    Later John the disciple wrote that if you walk in the Light as He is in the Light, then you have fellowship with Me and also with Jesus.  (I John 1:7)  Then He said that the blood of Jesus will cleanse you all of unrighteousness.  My Holy Spirit was in the blood of Jesus, the One who made Him into My Son, of My blood line.  He is My Power who enlightens your mind to the presence of evil sent to destroy you and He is the Power who gives you supernatural ability to cast out the evil that comes into your mind.  There is never any condemnation, as there was none with the woman caught in adultery.  There is forgiveness.
     Come to My Light for everything in life that is perplexing, confusing, oppressive, compulsive, depressing, hopeless and destructive.  I will shine My Light on the way out of every problem and then I will supply the spiritual energy to walk in freedom.
     Darkness will kill you.  My Light will energize and save you.
     Your Father of Light     

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