Monday, September 26, 2016


Dear One,
    I instituted freedom for My children by sending My Holy Spirit to live in them, freedom from the works of evil, freedom from religious bondage, freedom from fear which is the power of the devil, freedom from temptations from hell, freedom from judgments which come from disobedience to religious laws, freedom from social requirements necessary for social acceptance and freedom from condemnation for disobedience.   You are freed from all of them.
     When My Son Jesus paid the price for your obedience to the temptations of the devil, there is no -- listen to me -- there is NO condemnation or guilt that comes from Me for your failure to do what religious laws require.  My forgiveness is universal, always at work and constantly covering your sins, transgressions, your iniquities and your failures. There is no end to My forgiveness. 
    When I said that My blood covers your sins, I meant that there are no infractions from anyone that are evident to Me.  They are all nonexistent because they are covered by the blood of Jesus which was the payment to satan who requires death and destruction for disobedience for sins.  I do not require any payment for your yielding to satan.  The only one who requires judgment and condemnation is the devil who instigated the action.  The blood of Jesus covers over and obliterates all judgment and condemnation, making you white as snow in My eyes. (Isaiah 1:18) I said that because of your righteousness given by My Spirit to you, that you will eat the good of the land.(19)  This universal forgiveness relates to everyone, your loved ones, your enemies, and the meanest, most vile, demon possessed people.  My forgiveness is without recompense.  My children do not need to make payment to Me for their obedience to the promptings of the devil.  The payment has already been made by Jesus Christ.
    To those who are still under religious laws, the devil uses the laws to condemn and judge them.  To those who are under My grace, there are no religious laws to condemn and judge because My grace is sufficient to cover everything.  When you are under grace and forgiveness, there are no religious laws to condemn you unless you are like the Galatians who were sucked back under religious laws  by their religious leaders.
    I cautioned My children who had abandoned My forgiveness and returned to religious laws by telling them that they were foolish to be bewitched and fall for the teaching of leaders who had yielded to the devil and required strict obedience to religious laws again. (Galatians 3:1)  I told them that their receiving My Holy Spirit did not come to them by their obeying religious laws, but came by My love to them, equipping them with the power to resist the laws that brought sin and death.  I said that religious laws had become a curse to them because the devil used the laws to condemn and judge My children.  Some were bewitched by their leaders who yielded to the devil's guidance to put My children under laws of sin and death instead of allowing them to walk in the freedom given by My Holy Spirit who is the dispenser of My guidance to them. (Galatians 3:2-14)
     I said that Christ, the overcoming One, had redeemed My children from the curse of religious laws by becoming cursed for you on the cross. (Galatians 3:13)
Instead of the religious laws, which were ineffective in power, I sent My powerful Spirit into My children so that they would be guided by Me through My Spirit instead of guided by religious laws which the devil uses to condemn and judge.
     The religious laws are not evil, but the devil uses them for his benefit.  They were given by Me to be fleshly tutors on how to avoid evil until My Holy Spirit's power could be given to My children to lead them away from evil and give them the power to defeat evil, to forgive others, to never return evil for evil done to them, to refuse to judge others, and to love others as I love you.
     Instead of loving others as I love them, religious laws make people judgmental of others and fearful of life because religious laws make My children fearful of punishment from Me.  I AM NOT THE ONE WHO PUNISHES.  The DEVIL IS THE ONE WHO PUNISHES for disobeying religious laws. NOT ME.
     If you put yourself under religious laws again, as the Galatians did, you negate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and you take yourself out from under My forgiving grace and put yourself again under the authority and punishment of the devil.  It is your returning to religious bondage which prompts the devil to entice you to sin so that he can condemn you.  
    I cautioned My children to stand fast in their liberty granted to them by My Holy Spirit and to not be entangled again to the yoke of bondage to religious laws.  (Galatians 5:1) I said that you are fallen from grace back into bondage if you return to the religious laws. (Galatians 5:4-9) 
    Jesus taught that My freedom and love given by My Holy Spirit to My children will leaven and bless the whole lump, the spirit, soul and body of a person. (Matthew 13:22)  Likewise, the curses of religious laws bring guilt and condemnation upon My children, leavening the whole lump, cursing them spirit, soul and body with death and destruction.
    From the beginning I told you that I gave to you free will, the will to choose blessings or curses.  When you choose to return to religious laws, you are choosing to be cursed with fear, condemnation, guilt and other works of the devil.   When you choose My guidance by listening to My Holy Spirit, you will be blessed exceedingly, abundantly beyond what you can dare ask, think or imagine, according to the power of My Holy Spirit that is within you. (Ephesians 3:20)
    Choose My Spirit's counsel and live the abundant life while in the earth and in the world to come.
     Your Power Giving Father                      

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