Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Dear One,
    The image in the minds of people that I am One God, Father,
Son and Holy Spirit, is hard to imagine because My children are so flesh minded.  However, when you consider that you are a human trinity, made up of body, soul and spirit, yet you are one being, then it should be easily understood. Your body is merely your earth suit that houses the real you, the spirit that comes to live with Me in My heaven after the earth suit wears out.  Your soul is your mind, you computer that I gave to people to store and reason about information which comes into it. Your mind, or soul, is the part of you through which I communicate with My children.  However, since Adam allowed the devil to run rampant in the earth, your mind is also the part through which the devil tempts My children; hence the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:16-17)  
    Jesus tried to make it clear to His followers that He, the Holy Spirit and I are one being with different functions just like your body, soul and spirit are one being but serve different functions in your life to make you a whole being.  Before His telling about My Holy Spirit coming to take up residence in their spirits, He affirmed and confirmed many times that He and I are One.  (John 14:6-11) He had to get that truth across to His followers so that they would understand that when My Holy Spirit came to earth to live in people that they would be My temples, My dwelling places in the earth.  Over and over He told them that We are one and even prayed that they would be one with Me just like He is one with Me. (John 17:20-23)
    All of that was in preparation for Jesus to tell His followers about the entrance of My Spirit into the lives of people so that they would be My earthly temples, My earthly mansions of which Jesus spoke. (John 14:1-2) His death, resurrection, ascension into heaven and sending My Holy Spirit into My children, who empowered Him while He ministered in the earth, was complete.  His mission was accomplished. He no longer had a  need of My Holy Spirit's power while in heaven with Me, so He sent My Spirit into the earth to live in My children who believe in Me and in Jesus Christ, empowering them to do the same thing that He did in Jesus, defeat the works of the devil in the earth. (I John 3:8)
    That valuable teaching of Jesus preceded His proclamation that He was leaving the earth, but that I was sending another Comforter who would be in them instead of merely with them.(John 14:15-18)  First, Jesus had to convince His followers that We are one, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  They had little knowledge of My Holy Spirit being My authoritative power and dynamite power which would empower them with the same supernatural abilities that He empowered Jesus.  That fact took a lot of His convincing, yet the followers of Jesus were still concerned about Jesus coming back and restoring Israel to world power.  They were not interested yet in their having power and authority over the devil in the daily lives through kingdom living.
    Jesus went further to convince His followers that He and I are one by telling them that the words that He spoke were not His words but they were My words because We are one being. (John 14:19-11) You can understand the temptations of their minds to reject that truth, because it takes the revelation of My Holy Spirit to pierce through the veil of unbelief put in the minds of people by the devil. Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit came to earth to live in them that they would understand what He was teaching them at that moment. (John 14:19-20)
    The truth taught by Jesus that He and I are one being and that My Holy Spirit is one with us with the ability to make My children one with Us is a mission that is given to My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.  Only when My Spirit comes to live in your own spirit can I infuse you with that truth, which is Christ, the overcoming One, the hope of glorious living while in the earth. What He accomplishes is bringing My words into the lives of My children again just like I had with Adam when we communicated perfectly before the devil came between us and blocked My words.
    From the inside of them, My Holy Spirit speaks to My children My healing words, My words of deliverance from destruction and death, My words of life, My words of wisdom, My words of hope, My word of faith, My words of joy, My words of love, My words of mercy, My words of grace, My words of goodness and kindness, My words of patience, My words of steadfastness, My words of freedom.
    I found a way to get My personal words into the lives of My children.  It is through My coming to live inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit, infusing My words into your human mind from the inside of you, all of which brings a revelation of My love and freedom from evil by the explosive power of My Spirit residing inside of you.
    My plan worked.  Now My children must realize the majesty of that plan and appreciate the treasure that I put in your human body.  He is My very own Spirit. (John 17:25-26)
    Your Father of Eternal Workable Plans       

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