Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Dear One,
    Many times, My own children who call themselves by My name punish their own children for not taking their advice, obeying their commands or following their orders when all the time My own children are doing the same in their lives in response to My valuable advice, admonitions and instructions.  I said through Jesus many times that if His followers love Him and Me that they will take our advice and do what we say.
    Our advice, admonitions and commands are not given as a test of your love for Me.  They are insights, wisdom and strategies to assist you in order to avoid the devil's traps in your lives so that you will be able to maneuver away from the devil's traps, take authority over them and as a result be in a position to inherit My blessings which I have stored up for you.  Because I love you, I have given My words of protection to you; and, if you love Me, then you will trust My guidance and do what I have instructed you to do.  Every word that I speak and every instruction that I give you are to enhance your opportunities to clear the avenues from My kingdom to you from where My blessings flow. 
    After teaching many sessions on the advantages to receiving My kingdom in your life, the followers of Jesus at the time and you today are tutored by Jesus about love and about obeying My instructions if you love me. (John 15:9-10)  Jesus said that I love Him and so He has love for you and that you must continue in that love.  Then He gave the results of your love for Me, saying that if you love Me that you will obey My instructions. In fact, He said that continuing in His love depends upon your taking His advice and obeying His instructions, because He knew that your refusing to take His advice would cause you to fall into the traps set by the devil and you will have to experience the devil's punishment for uniting with him.  A good parent's instructions are always for the protection of the child.  Every instruction that I give and every admonition that I give are for your protection from falling for the devil's traps.
     I spoke to you through Jesus by telling you that I am teaching you valuable things so that My joy will remain in you and that your joy will be full. (John 15:10-11) Right there in those few words are the truth behind why I instruct you to do certain things, such as love one another. so that you will have a joyful life while in the earth.
     I reiterated the truth of the assurance of My love overcoming all evil again when I instructed, in fact commanded, that you love others as I love you.  (John 15:12-13)  I said that there is no greater love than to lay down your life for others, not only referring to the death and resurrection of Jesus, but letting you know that when you lay down your normal reaction of returning evil for evil done to you, and when you refuse to react by returning evil to someone's anger, division, judgment, disgust, prejudice, ranting, raving, cruelty or criticism for you or for others; but that if you, instead, love them even in their demonic tirades, then you are laying down your life and loving them as I love you.  That is true love, to lay down evil reactions and instead love the person through whom the devil is working at the time.  You die to the evil just the way Jesus did on the cross.  When you can do that, because of My love within you, then your joy will be full because My joy will be in you.
    If you want joy in your life instead of the normal miserable existence that occurs in the lives of most people who do not know My love and My overcoming ways, then you must -- I reiterate -- you MUST follow My valuable instructions on how to remain in My love and in My joy.   They are given for your good, that your joy will be full. 
     Jesus spoke again of His command to love others when He said that He has chosen you to be an image of My love in the world so that you will bear much fruit through My fruit of love in you.  (John 15:16-17)  Then He gave the ultimate promise that a Father can give to His children, that when you remain in My love, being the source of My love to everyone, that what you ask of Me, I will give it to you.   Then Jesus commanded you again to love one another. 
    If you are sensing a theme in this one teaching of Jesus, it is My instructions that the only command, instruction or admonition I give to you is that you love others as I love you.   Earlier I said through Jesus that all of the old laws, rules and regulations are contained in the command to love others as I love you.   If you love others as I love you, then you are obeying all of the old rules and regulations.  When you love others as I love you, all of the paths from My heaven to you which carry My blessings are propped open and stay open as long as you continue in My love.  The only way to ensure that barriers are put again on the path of My blessings to you is if you act or react to the temptation of the devil in order to harm someone by thought, word or deed.   Love keeps the path clear and I rejoice that you have chosen My blessings and My love.
     Your Father of Blessings

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