Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Dear One,
    At the Jewish feast of the Passover, the celebration was over the fact that death had passed over the people who had the blood mark on their doorway.  The Jews did not know that My Son Jesus had My blood type, the type of His father, as does every living man have the blood type of his father.  Since My Holy Spirit impregnated Mary, the blood type of the flesh of Jesus was My Holy Spirit.  So the true mark of life is the presence of My Holy Spirit.  When My children allow My Holy Spirit to live in them, then the devil's death passes over them and cannot stop to deliver his spiritual, emotional and physical death.
    While Jesus was teaching His followers about My kingdom coming into the earth as it is in heaven (just as Jesus prayed in His instructional prayer called the Lord's Prayer) He made an astounding comment to them which was indicative of the expediency with which My kingdom was to come to earth. (Luke 22:15-18)  Instead of it being in the distant future, He confirmed what He had told to them when He instructed them that they would not die until My kingdom came into the earth. (Luke 21:32)  Since there must always be two or three confirmations, Jesus Himself again confirmed His assessment of the coming of My kingdom into the earth in answer to the prayers that He had taught them. (Luke 11:2)  During the Passover meal, Jesus told them while they were eating that He, Himself, would not eat again until it was fulfilled in My kingdom. (Luke 21:15-16) He also told them that He would not drink the fruit of the vine again until My kingdom came to earth.
    His followers did not perceive the truth that He revealed, that My kingdom was soon going to come into the earth to live in humans who invite My Holy Spirit to live in them.  They were ignorant of His truth until He appeared to them at the tomb. When He appeared to certain women and His followers at the empty tomb he went with them a short way effortlessly and He looked like He could have gone much further but He went inside to rest with them, (Luke 24:22-32)  Their eyes were opened and they knew Him as Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. He broke bread with them, gave it to them and then vanished out of their sight.  They marveled that He opened the scriptures to them.
    Those followers returned to Jerusalem and found the disciples along with others.  The disciples told the women and other followers that Jesus had appeared to Peter.  The women and their friends told the disciples how Jesus had also appeared to them and how He made know His identity when He broke bread with them.  Lo and behold, as they spoke about his previous appearance to them Jesus appeared in the room.  Even though He told them not to be afraid but instead to have peace, they were frightened, thinking they had seen a ghost. Jesus told the people to handle His feet and hands to see that He was not a ghost, but that He was flesh and bones. 
    Jesus proved that He was not a ghost by asking if they had any meat to eat.  He was given broiled fish and he ate it before them.  His prophesy was fulfilled, the one He said when He told them that He would not eat again until He ate when My kingdom came to earth.  Jesus reminded them that he had spoken those very words to them, that He would not eat again until He ate in My kingdom. Then He told them to wait there in Jerusalem until My promise was completely fulfilled, the completeness of My Kingdom coming to earth on the day of Pentecost when My Holy Spirit would come to live in My children and take the place of Jesus, giving them the same power of My Spirit that Jesus had while He ministered and the same dunamis
(dynamite) power that caused Him to be raised from the dead.
    Those were glorious times on the earth and they have never ceased because My Holy Spirit is living in the earth in the bodies of My children who invite Him to live in them and empower them with My power. Those children who yield themselves 100% to My indwelling power of love will overcome every obstacle of the devil and enjoy My kingdom living while in the earth.  When you dispense My love to everyone, you have obeyed My command to love others as I love you.  My benefit is that people who observe your love will glorify Me and want to intimately come to know Me.
     Your Loving, Powerful Father

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