Friday, September 16, 2016


   Another parable that Jesus taught about My kingdom of heaven coming to earth to live in My children and changing curses into blessings is the parable of the woman who took yeast and mixed it thoroughly into sixty pounds of flour until it was incorporated completely into the flour.  Then all of the dough was leavened, raised immensely until the bread that was produced fed many people.  Jesus told His followers that the parables contained secrets that had been hidden from the foundation of the world. (Matthew 13:33-35)
    The secret inside of the parable of the yeast mixed in with the flour which produced a great amount of bread is that when My Holy Spirit comes to live inside of you, His work not only creates a new person in you, but He desires to permeate your mind and your body, raising your whole being to newness of life.  That is called being baptised in My Holy Spirit, when you allow Him to work in your whole person, your mental thoughts, your emotional attitudes and your bodily actions.   When you allow Him to baptize you in My Spirit you give Him permission to change your whole being from one programmed by the devil to one programmed by Me, the Spirit of life.  You do not become more religious.  You become more godly, being schooled in My righteousness.  You become free from religious laws, rules and regulations.  You become more loving, more kind, more merciful, more gracious, more faithful, more loyal, more encouraging, more peaceful and more joyful. (Galatians 5:22-24) Because your whole being is changed into My image, I benefit because My other children see the changes in you and want to know Me intimately because they want the same degree of peace that you have.   Then I am able to bring My wonderful kingdom benefits into the lives of others because they have seen My good works inside of you and want to become My children in a close Father/child way.
   In a bigger scale, think about when the Holy Spirit draws others unto Himself by changing your actions and reactions, when other people begin to live in a close, personal, intimate relationship with Me and become more and more like Me, then the earth is being covered with My knowledge like the waters cover the sea. As others have been redeemed and recreated, as you have been, then the whole earth benefits.  It is written that the whole creation groans under bondage to corruption from the devil until My children are revealed by their love as being My true children.  The whole earth is then redeemed and restored by the unconditional love of My children to others.(Romans 8:18-23)  The more of My children who become conformed into My image in the world, the more redemption is provided by Me for the entire earth, thus the yeast of My Holy Spirit leavens the whole world. 
    Some of My children are satisfied with having only a small part of their inheritance delivered to them, merely the promise of going to heaven.  Others of My children want to take full advantage of the promises of My Holy Spirit, that you will inherit the abundant life, a life full of blessings and surprises from Me while you live in the earth.  It's all possible through being able to hear My voice and take My advice.  I am your Heavenly Father.  I make it possible to inherit all that I have for you.
     Allow My Holy Spirit to enter into your spirit, creating a new being, and then allow Me to baptize you with My Spirit into your mind and body.   When you do, you fulfill the parable, allowing the yeast of My Holy Spirit to raise your life in quality to the excellent degree of My life, perfecting your mind and your body, also.   I do it easily and efficiently.  All I need is your permission.
    Your Father of Earthly Benefits

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