Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Dear One,
    In the parable to the fig tree Jesus was very clear about My kingdom coming into the earth to live in My children.  He told His followers to look at a fig tree and at all trees, He said that when leaves shoot forth from the trees that people know beyond a shadow of a doubt that summer is about to come, that it's right around the corner. He assured them that the things that He had prophesied about His death, resurrection, being raised from the dead and His coming back again to walk the earth and then coming in the person of My Holy Spirit to usher My kingdom into the earth were all about to happen.  He told them that when those things came to pass that their own redemption was near. (Luke 21:28-31) He said that when the signs and wonders about which He spoke happened in the earth, that My kingdom was about to come into the earth in answer to what Jesus had coached them to pray, that My kingdom would come to earth as it is in heaven.   He told them again that their generation would not pass away until His prophetic words were fulfilled.(Luke 21:33) 
    Jesus told His followers that they should be vigilant and alert so that their minds would not be overcharged with drunkenness, giddiness and cares of the world or  that wonderful day would come upon them while they were unaware of it. (Luke 21:34)  He warned them that a snare by the devil would come upon everyone that lives on the earth to prevent them from recognizing Him.  (35)
    His admonition became more explicit when He told My children to watch and to pray always that they might escape all the things that were to come upon the earth when He was crucified and that they would be found worthy to stand before Him when He returned to earth, which He did when He walked the earth forty days and then came in the cloud on the day of Pentecost, accompanied by His glory. (36)
    It is the same today.  The minds of My children are often snared by the devil so that they do not recognize the wonders that I do in the earth.  They still embrace the old covenant laws, depending upon them to make them righteous when the laws were never meant to make anyone righteous.  They were only given to identify the works of the devil so that people would be alert to refuse His temptations.  Yet My children, as led by the devil, use the religious laws to judge other people of infractions.  The devil uses religious laws to condemn and judge people through other people. Jesus had talked and talked about how to become righteous and it always involved loving other people, praying for your enemies and doing good to them, giving to the poor, casting out demons, healing the sick and giving hope to the brokenhearted, all of those actions as being empowered by My Spirit.  He said to seek that kind of righteousness, the unselfish acts that He constantly did in the earth.
     It was My love that told Jesus to tell His followers what was going to happen to Him so that they would not become fainthearted when the events happened.  They would see what was happening and recognize the signs and wonders as what He prophesied. Because they were vigilant and alert, some of His followers took His advice and were present on the day of Pentecost when My Kingdom came in earth to make My home inside of My children in answer to the prayers of Jesus.  The event still happens every minute of every day.  As spoken by Jesus, I come to live in anyone who seeks My kingdom and My righteousness.  Everything good and beneficial is added to their lives when they do.  My wisdom opens up to them so that they overcome every problem, My goodness flows like a river into their lives, their children bless them instead of rebelling against them, My love in them causes them to love their enemies who then become their friends and so they become peacemakers in the earth.  As a result, they glorify Me and because their lives glorify Me, others will glorify Me and want to come to know Me.
     When people see the light of My love in you, they know that My kingdom is available to them also, just like Jesus said at the beginning of His ministry.(John 8:12; Matthew 5:14-16) 
     Watch for opportunities to pour My love and My light into the lives of others by showing compassion, love, mercy, forgiveness and peace to everyone,  When you share those fruit of My Spirit with others, they will desire to be born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  Celebration in heaven and the earth will result.
     Your Vigilant Father

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