Friday, February 26, 2016


Dear One,
    The words that Jesus spoke were gems of wisdom which He spoke to instruct My children how to be blessed while living in the earth.  His insight was not human insight but it was revelation from Me.  His first teaching was on the ways to be blessed and each one represented an attitude for which My children must have which allows them to inherit My blessings.
    The first attitude which Jesus said causes My Kingdom blessing to come upon them is humility, or being poor in spirit instead of arrogant in spirit. (Matthew 5:3) Proud people exalt themselves above other people but Jesus announced that the humble people are the ones who are blessed by Me.  Pride does not allow a person to yield to My teachings because the attitude of pride displays a know-it-all attitude which will not hear My words and yield to them.  A humble person is willing to lay everything down that he or she believes and yield to Me and My teachings.  Pride always precedes a fall so the proud will often have a humble spirit after the person finds out that he or she does not know everything.  As the previously proud person becomes humble, that person will have a desire to receive My wisdom and teachings.  When that person humbles himself or herself to Me to receive My teachings, the person will be blessed by inheriting My kingdom benefits.
     Another attitude which Jesus said that causes the people to be blessed is the  attitude about mourning the dead, promising that those people who mourn the dead will be comforted by His eventual resurrection.  (Matthew 5:4) In His day there was no promise of the resurrection of the dead because Jesus had not been crucified on the cross and paved the way for the dead in body to rise in spirit and live with Me.  He was encouraging His followers to develop a trustful attitude toward Him, that there is a resurrection from the dead to come and that their spirits live on with Us in heaven. Even today in your world the people who are unbelievers in the resurrection if they see Me are eventually comforted by the revealed knowledge of the resurrection of their spirits after the Holy Spirit reveals the miracle to them.  (Romans 1:1-4)
     The attitude of meekness is very important in being able to inherit My blessings while in the earth.  (Matthew 5:5) Humility is seeking Me and hearing My wisdom, but meekness is taking My advice and making My truths part of your thinking, your attitudes, your speaking and your motivation for living.  Meekness is what allows My children to learn from Me and become My images in the earth, revealing to others My loving personality.  When a person trains a domesticated animal to become willing to obey the voice of the owner, the person has successfully meeked the animal.  When My children know My voice and take My advice, as Jesus said not looking to the right or to the left, but doing what I advise, they are meek and mild, trusting in My ability to advise them wisely which produces good results.  Humility causes a person to be willing to hear My voice, but meekness causes that person to be led by My Spirit in all matters in life.  (Romans 8:14) When that happens, a person is blessed among people because I have shown him or her how to prosper in life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The attitude of meekness guarantees your accessing My kingdom benefits.
     Jesus said that those of My children who have an insatiable hunger and thirst for My righteousness will be satisfied. (Matthew 5:6)  My righteousness consists of My character traits of goodness, kindness, love, peace, patience, joy, mercy and faithfulness.  (Galatians 5:22-24)  He didn't say that a person is blessed by seeking the benefits of My kingdom.  He said that you are blessed when you hunger and thirst after My righteousness. It is My righteous character traits that invite My blessings into the lives of My children.  My righteous behavior in My children is what identifies them as My children, legal heirs to the benefits of My kingdom. 
     Many people come to Me and only hunger and thirst after the benefits of My kingdom, ignoring that My desire for them is for them to become My image of righteousness in the world.  When they hunger and thirst to know Me, to become intimately acquainted with Me and My righteousness, then they will become more and more like me, filled with My love for everyone.  As My character traits, which are My righteousness, become their character traits they will be satisfied with all the fullness of My kingdom because they have been identified as My children, heirs to My kingdom benefits.
     My children seeking to become the evidence of My righteousness in the world is of utmost necessity because people who have only sought My benefits selfishly are the ones who make disciples of their own selfishness instead of making disciples of My righteousness in the earth.  My children of love seek Me and My righteousness.  They do not seek riches and wealth.  The benefits of My kingdom life in the earth come to those who seek to be My righteousness in the world because they are identified to My angels as My children, legal heirs to My benefits. (Luke 12:8-9; Romans 12:1-3)
    Remember that thoughts become attitudes and attitudes become actions.  Watch for negative thoughts which will become negative attitudes which are contrary to My attitudes of which Jesus spoke. The negative thoughts are planted in your mind by the evil one to rob you of My righteousness.  This is a valuable gem of truth in My instructions to My children. Attitudes matter greatly in My family.
    Your Righteous Father of Blessings         

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