Sunday, February 21, 2016


Dear One,
    Remember to not stroll by brilliant jewels in your walk of life, ones which I send your way to teach you how to overcome every negative thing in your earthly life.   My children ignore My advice all the time because they are blinded to the truth by a veil that the devil put on their minds so that they will not know My truths and be set free.   However, you know that My Holy Spirit enlightens your eyes and opens your ears so that you will recognize My wise jewels which I wrote in My Instruction Book, the Bible, and which I give to My children to help them succeed in every ares of their lives.
    One huge diamond of admonition that I gave to you through Jesus that is worth more in value than the largest diamond ever discovered is the advice that I gave through Jesus that you must not judge others, condemning them either openly or in your own mind for actions that they do, clothes that they wear, words that they speak or choices that they make.  Jesus could not have made it more clear.  He said, as reported by all four writers of the gospels.  They reported that the good news he taught was, "Judge not so that you will not be judged." (Matthew 7:1-2) He could not have made that spiritual diamond more clear.  He said that when you judge other people you invite into your life from hell the same degree of judgment that you prounounced upon the other people.  That should be sobering to My children who regularly judge, compare, condemn, size up, declare right or wrong, form an opinion of being proper or improper and estimate in their own minds the worth, quality or fitness of others. That is standard worldly behavior and mental activity but it has serious consequences.
     The huge diamond of truth in that serious admonition of Jesus who advised you not to judge others has been lost through the ages even in My most loyal children.  What they have missed in that area of truth is that I am not the judge. (John 5:22: John 8:15-16; John 12:47) Jesus said that truth very emphatically, too.  He said the judge of this world is the devil who tempts you to judge others so that he can see that you are also judged by hell.  What a celebration he has when he tempts you to judge someone because he knows that you have invited him to also judge you.  The judgment that comes upon you might be depression, mental uneasiness, snobbery, pride or life, cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches, all which choke out any nugget of truth that comes your way.  In your mind you rob people of their worthiness and you exalt your own worthiness above them.  You lose your peace of mind and wonder where, along the way, you lost it.  Jesus said that you lose it when you judge someone.
     So what is so unhealthy about judging other people?  It's because you are examining the speck that is in the life of another person instead of the log that is in your own eye, all of which is instigated by the devil so that he can bring judgment upon you also, just like he caused you to judge someone else.  As the old saying goes, he kills two birds with one stone, or what happens is that he lassos two of My children with one temptation, tempting you to someone and then you are judged by the same judgment of the devil to which you yielded.  (Matthew 7:3-5)
     Jesus taught this truth, this diamond of truth, so that your joy will be full and you will not fall for the temptations of the devil, falling for his tricks which are sent to defeat you and destroy your life.  (John 7:26-27) Do not build your house upon the sand of judging others or you will be handing over your future to the judgment of the devil, and he knows how to access your weak points, the weaknesses in your personality which he can easily use to curse you.
     Digest this diamond of truth regarding Jesus' admonition not to judge others.  Make that truth part of your being, your motivation for life.  Be a watchman, always eager to arrest any thoughts of judgment of others.  Jesus said that the ones who hear His words and do them will be like the house that is built upon the rock of truth, and when rains come and floods come, your house will not fall because it is built upon My revealed truth that I do not judge anyone and you have not judged anyone.  (John 7:24-25)
     Who is right and who is wrong in a situation is of no importance.  Who has refused to judge and has forgiven others has done the righteous thing and will inherit My blessings.   
     Your Loving, Nonjudgmental Father

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