Monday, February 15, 2016

PLANS B, C, D, E.............

Dear One,
    Don't be discouraged when you are praying in the Spirit and walking in the Spirit if things are not working out exactly like you want them to be. There are always plans B, C, D, E and on and on that I can put into effect until your prayers are answered.  There are always many, many right ways for Me to answer your prayers.  If the first one is not effective, then I have many more strategies that will produce the perfect answers to your needs.
    Remember that I gave people free will, the right to make their own decisions on running their own lives, hoping that they would follow My advice in doing so. You know that it doesn't always work out that way; for instance, in the life of the first man, Adam, who was the first to reject My admonition to not listen to satan and eat of the knowledge of good and evil.  Adam rejected My advice and because of his decision satan has lived in the earth as an alien spirit, causing all evil, destruction and death. Temptations are his evil communication with people in order for him to curse their lives. 
     I did not want puppets when I created people.  I wanted children who are made in My image, with free will to manage their earth which I had given to them.  Because of My decision to give the gift of free will to people, I took the chance that Adam would believe satan and allow him to curse the earth with his destruction and death.  Remember that there was no death in the futures of My children until the first man allowed satan in the earth, believing him instead of believing Me.
      I already had Plan B in mind when I created the earth and the first man in case he did choose evil over My good advice.  It took a while by earth's time standards but not long by heaven's time standards for Me to be able to put Plan B into effect.  But, oh, what an effective strategy that plan turned out to be. Plan B has worked in the lives of many of My children who seek Me and My righteousness.
     In the beginning of the earth Adam and I talked constantly and I was able to communicate with his natural mind which I had created identical to Mine.  I tutored him on how to care for the animals, the birds, the plants and the environment.  We communed easily until Adam allowed the devil to enter the earth.  From that event forward in the earth, which was the disobedience of Adam, people were tempted by the devil in their own thoughts and they were not able to access My thoughts and guidance in their minds because the devil put a veil over the minds of people so that they could not hear and understand My guidance. (II Corinthians 3:13-18)
     My Plan B was put into effect in the earth from that day forward.  Jesus Christ was the forerunner of that plan, the instigator of that plan.  He came to earth as My Son, filled with the power of My Holy Spirit.  He died for the sins of every person who ever lived, He was resurrected, came back to live with Me, and We sent into the earth the same Holy Spirit who lived in Him to live in the spirits of My children who invite Me to live in them.
   My Plan B was such a mystery that it bypassed the devil.  My Instruction Book said it was hidden from the foundation of the world. (Matthew 13:35; Romans 16:25-26) I said that it was not the wisdom of men in the world or the wisdom of the evil princes of the world, but it is wisdom that was in My mind, My Plan B if Adam allowed the devil into the world to put a veil over the natural minds of My children.
    My Plan B was that I would live in My children in the person of My Holy Spirit with the same mind that was in Christ Jesus. The plan was that Jesus would make it possible for Me to live within the spirits of My children and from the inside of them I would program their human minds with My magnificent words of guidance, not from the outside into  their human minds. I could not efficiently program their human minds from the outside with My revelations because of the veil that was placed there by the devil.  The hidden mystery in my plan was that I would bypass the human mind with its veil that rejected My communication, and I would come to live inside of My children with the ability to reprogram their minds, leading them and guiding them from the inside of them instead of the outside of them.  I can effectively program your mind from the inside of you by My Holy Spirit after you invite Him to live in you and baptize you with His power.
     There was a celebration in heaven on the day of Pentecost when Plan B was first implemented.  The bodies of My children became My dwelling places in the earth and I was again able to commune with them from the inside because there is no veil on the inside of them.  My Holy Spirit restores your human minds from the inside and the veil is lifted.  In My children who seek Me and My righteousness, in them I am able to efficiently communicate and they become transformed by My wisdom and knowledge from the inside with wisdom and knowledge that is infused into their human minds by My Spirit.
     So, in case Adam fell for the trick of the devil which allowed evil to put a veil over the minds of My created children so that they could no longer commune with Me, My Plan B was the mystery that was hidden from the foundation of the world.  After Plan B was implemented, I revealed it to Paul in his years in the dessert as he was communing with Me.  I revealed the mystery which was hidden from the devil and his demons, whom he called the princes of this world. (Colossians 1:27-29)   That mystery is Christ IN you, the hope of glory.  The mystery was that I would live inside of My children and I would commune with them from the inside, programming their human minds with the wisdom and knowledge that is in My mind and in the mind of Christ which is resident in in the Holy Spirit who lives side of their human spirits.
    Remember that Christ is the overcoming One, the One who efficiently overcame all evil in the world.  In My communication with you from the inside of you, I show you how to overcome every work of evil.  (John 10:10; I John 3:8-9)
    Plan B was that I would restore My guidance to My children through My Holy Spirit who lives inside of them, the same guidance that I gave to Adam at the beginning when we communed so efficiently in the Garden of Eden. I hid the plan from the devil and from people so that it would not be thwarted. On the day of Pentecost, My plan first became reality.
    My children who want to succeed in life by destroying the works of evil in their lives must seek to hear My revelations from My Spirit who lives inside of them. They must commune with Me one-on-one until they efficiently recognize My voice.  I said My sheep know My voice. 
     I am your good Father and I want to give to you everything I set aside for you in My kingdom.  The key is hearing My voice and following My advice given freely to you from the inside of you.
     Your Father of Many Plans and Works.                    

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