Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Dear One,
    I gave to My church the ministry of teachers to teach you the things they have learned from My Holy Spirit.  (Romans 12:6-8) However, My greatest gift to My children is the private tutoring gift of My Spirit. (John 16:12-15) My intent was that the ministry teachers will teach you what they know, but My Spirit takes those truths and amplifies them to you, personalizes them for you so that the revelations of My words will do their adequate work of transforming your life.
    When you allow Him to be your tutor, then you have truly eaten what I prepared for you from My table and you have drunk from My cup that runs over. (Psalm 23) Until then, the food merely sits on the table ready to be served. The truths are not assimilated into your mind and body to change you into My image until you allow My Spirit to personally teach you from the inside of you, from inside of your own spirit.  Those teachings enlighten your mind.  Those personalized teachings are from the true communion of which Jesus spoke, the times when you seek Me with your whole heart.  (John 6:53-56) Until then, the spiritual food just sits on the table of your mind, undigested, with no power.
     As your spiritual home school Tutor, I tell you how to lighten your loads, empty your garbage, eliminate unnecessary baggage from your mind so that you can truly be free.  All of those hindrances are the ones which cause you problems in your life and need to be eliminated.  That is why My personal revelations to you are so important, because I live in you and I tell you how to cleanse My temple, which is your body.  (I Corinthians 6:19-20)   My Spirit rejoices when you allow Him to do His housekeeping work, revealing how to empty the garbage and eliminate the baggage which has plagued you.  Those revelations come to your mind when we intercourse together, one on one.  Humans intercourse in secret and our intercourse together happens in secret, when we are in total communion.  They happen one-on-one, in the quietness of our communion. New Life comes to your mind and your body, transforming you. Home schooling one on one with Me is where all new Life overcomes the old life which has caused you grief and depression. (II Corinthians 3:15-18)
    Upon being born again, spiritually born of My Spirit, you are only a babe in your natural mind.  But you have the mind of Christ in your spirit where My Spirit lives.  It is through His work in you of tutoring you that My personal instructions to you cleanse you and transfer the same mind that was in Christ Jesus to your mind.  That is called revelation and that is what Jesus told Peter that the gates of hell will not prevail against it because the truths become your personal truths with the ability to change you and change your entire life into a life of joy. (Matthew 16:15-19)
     Your private tutor, My Holy Spirit, for which the price has already been paid by the sacrifice of Jesus, is forever available for your private teaching sessions. Hear His words and live.  Refuse His words and you will be forever confused and  easily led astray by ravenous wolves who will come to take away the teachings of men.  The wolves cannot take away My revelations to you. They build a fortress that is indestructible.
     Your Home School Tutoring, Loving Father

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