Saturday, March 7, 2015


Dear One,
    My Holy Spirit wrote through John that the reason the Son of God came to earth is to destroy the works of the devil.  In His doing that, My children become reconciled to Me because when the works of evil are eradicated in the lives of My children, My kingdom is immediately restored to them.  Jesus spoke that truth when He ministered in the earth.(Luke 11:20; Matthew 5:10-11)
    Jesus, the Christ, restored for My children their relationship with Me because those who choose to be restored are immediately reconciled to me and legally eligible to inherit all of the benefits of being My child.
   When Isaiah prophesied the earthly ministry of My Son Jesus, the Prince of Peace, he outlined what His death and crucifixion would purchase. 
The following are the beneficial works that He did to destroy the works of the devil in your life:(Isaiah 53)  He prophesied "surely" He has done all of these marvelous things for you.  "Surely" means for sure, there is no doubt He did these:
       1. He bore your grief's and carried your sorrows.(So that you will bear up under the grief's and sorrows of your own and the grief's and sorrows of other people.)
       2. He did not deem Himself smitten or stricken by Me, (He knew that it was My will that He die for you but He knew that I did not wound Him, bruise Him, chastise Him or beat Him.  It was the devil who instigated and carried out the plans through men.)
       3. He was wounded for your transgressions. (He received, in your stead, the punishment in effect for the breaking of religious and civil laws.)
       4.  He was bruised for your iniquities. (He was beaten and bruised for your obedience to the temptations of the devil to do evil toward others)
       5.  He was chastised for your peace. ( He paid no attention to the criticisms, chastisements, lies and ridiculing words uttered against Him. He had no fear of what would happen to Him on the cross or after.)
       6.  He was beaten with a whip, receiving stripes in His body, for your healing.(He suffered in his flesh for any work of satan in your flesh.
   My children sing, "Oh, happy day, when Jesus took My sins away."  The joy in My heaven on that day most surely was also heard in the earth by those who had listening ears.  
   In addition, He sent My Spirit into the earth to be received by those who choose to become My children, equipped with My power to overcome the evil works in the earth.  He sent the same Spirit into the lives of My children, the Holy Spirit who tutored Him, prospered Him, protected Him, provided for Him and revealed My truth to Him.
   The benefits of becoming reconciled to Me are tremendous. The bonus is that you and I become One, just like Jesus Christ and I are One. 
   Jesus said that true worship is to worship Me in Spirit and in truth.  That is impossible without the presence of My Holy Spirit in your life because He is the Spirit of Truth.  To worship Me is to commune with Me so intimately that you become My image, filled with love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith and patience, which are My character traits.  So, true worship is to let My Spirit transform you into My image so that people will say, "Look, that person must know God because of the fullness of love that I see."   When that happens, you have worshiped Me in Spirit because My Spirit has transformed you into My image.
    Your Loving Father  


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