Sunday, March 22, 2015


Dear One,
    Teachers, instructors, professors and parents tell people to concentrate, concentrate, concentrate.  That means to only allow their minds to process the material which needs to be learned or understood, not to let their minds wander to thoughts that will not help them in their endeavors. 
    I tell My children to concentrate on certain things.  I tell them to concentrate on things that are pure, good, true, honest, just, lovely, things of a good report and things that can be praised. (Philippians 4:8-9)  I said that if you only choose to concentrate on things that are of love that My peace will overtake you.                                                 
    What I tell you in that admonition is that when you are praying for someone that you should not think about things that pertain to what the person has failed to do, or the bad things what the person has chosen to do, or the sad state of affairs relating to the situation.  I am saying that you should concentrate on My promises which relate to finding a solution to the situation, the person and the circumstances.  In other words, don't concentrate on the bad actions of humans, but concentrate on My actions that are available to remedy the situation.  I have made promises to all My children that I will redeem, restore and reconcile all things to Me. (John 10:10)                             
    When you concentrate on My ability to remedy a situation, that is called faith.  It is giving Me the power to accomplish My solution to the problem.  It is calling the things that are not visible as though they are reality   (Romans 4:16-22) It is being firmly planted in the truth that I will remedy the unpleasant situation. 
    When you concentrate on the evil that a person has done, the mistakes made and the failures, you are giving reality to the works of the devil rather than giving reality to what I can do in the situation.  I said that I can do super abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to the power that is in you.  When the power in you is faith in Me and the power of loving others as I love you, then there is no limit to what I am able to do in situations that concern you.  Loving others as I love you is forgiving them for their misdeeds and mistakes.  It is not holding an offense against the person but releasing him or her from the guilt of the misdeeds. (John 13:34; Matthew 7:1-2) It is recognizing that you have also erred in the ways of life and were forgiven, so you owe love and forgiveness to others.  (Romans 13:8)
    Keeping your thoughts on Me by concentrating on what I can do in a troublesome situation will set up the pathway for My mighty works in the situation to speedily be performed and the solution to be manifested. 
    Magnifying Me means to concentrate on what I can do to correct all things relating to the event rather than concentrating on what the devil has done in the situation through the person.
    My promise is that I will keep you in perfect peace if your mind is stayed on Me.  You know that there is no peace when you judge a person for a misdeed, thinking only on the person's failures or mistakes.  There is only turmoil and unrest in your mind.  But when you concentrate on My power and ability to remedy the situation, there is perfect peace because your mind is stayed on Me and My abilities.(Psalm 26:3-4)
    It is always My good pleasure to remedy every bad situation and make it into a testimony to My ability to perfect what concerns you. (Psalm 138:8; Luke 12:32)
    Concentrate on Me and My power of love.
    Your Loving Father

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