Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Dear One,
   People will not knowingly persecute you for righteous actions towards them.  Most often they are humbled by them.  However, the devil does use people to persecute you for your loving, righteous deeds.  The father of evil cannot stand for you to be vessels of love.  Coming against you with cruel attitudes, cruel words and cruel actions is the only way he endeavors to stop the stream of love that I desire to flow from you toward all people.
   When the devil sees you loving the unloved, the law breakers, the broken hearted, the nonreligious, the sick and the rejected people of your world, he develops plans to knock you down emotionally in order to cause you to become self consumed rather than being dispensers of My love.  Very often his methods work and the healing issues of love that flow from you become pinched off by your wounded spirit. You become so self protective that you decide to never again open yourself up to the anguish of a wounded soul. 
   I completely understand your dilemma in those situations. My heart aches for you that you have been emotionally wounded for loving others as I love you. My desire is to sooth your wounded feelings and heal them completely.
   Being persecuted for My name's sake is not always being tortured, killed, ridiculed and imprisoned because you are named as My children.  Most often it is more subtle.  It is being inflicted with cruel, disrespectful, strife-filled, oppositional words by the people who are closest to you, ones with whom you previously have had an open and loving relationship.  Jesus predicted that very thing when he said that because of His ministry that often brother would turn against brother.  The devil causes that because he can't stand for My healing, loving words to deliver people from the bondage of evil works.  The devil wants to continue to further his own destructive works through people so when someone starts loving others unconditionally he uses their loved ones to knock them down emotionally so that they will give up being My love ambassadors in the world and become his pawns again by being self protective.
    You must let this truth free you from the sensitivity that comes from always desiring peace with the people who are closest to you.  Knowing that the devil will use the people closest to you to knock you down emotionally so that you become ineffective in loving others is a truth that you must hear and digest.  Then when it happens you will recognize what is happening, that the verbal abuse or emotional abuse that comes at you is not from the person but is from the bowels of hell in an effort to steal the flow of My love from you. (Matthew 10:22)
   I said that the devil comes to rob, kill and destroy.  Stealing the foundation truth of My love from you is his most effective weapon in robbing from My love children, destroying their peace and killing their desire to show My love toward all people.  Jesus said that the devil will use the people of your own household.  It happens millions of times a day in every household where a person is motivated by My love. (John 13:34; Matthew 5:11)
    There is a way to defeat the real enemy in those situations.  My Holy Spirit taught it through Paul who had received persecution from within his own spiritual family who were My children who did not have a revelation of My love for all people.  Paul refused to make humans his enemy.  He knew that his only enemies were the demonic spirits sent by the devil who influenced people to oppose him, revile him and verbally wound him because of his teachings that I am love. (Romans 5:5-8; Romans 8:38) His fellow believers were so tied to the religion of laws and fear that they were easily used by the devil to try to knock Paul down with their accusations.  Their accusations were that Paul did not rightly oppose unbelievers and law breakers.  They were appalled at his love teachings.
    Through that emotional suffering of Paul My Holy Spirit taught him that humans were not his enemies but that the demonic spirits that influenced people were his enemies. (Ephesians 6:12)  My Spirit effectively taught that because his enemies were demonic spiritual enemies, that his weapons against the real enemies were also spiritual.
    You must hear My truth relating to this, that when you are reviled, ridiculed and knocked down emotionally by the people closest to you, that the people are not your enemies, but that your enemies are demonic spirits who work through your family members and your friends.  Even Jesus experienced the same persecution when his earthly family, the one that came through Joseph and Mary, chided Him for dispensing My love in the earth through healing others and teaching My truth.  They demanded that He spend time with them. (Matthew 12:46-50)  Jesus told them that his real family is composed of the ones who do My will.  He put the devil who motivated his earthly relatives in his place and silenced the devil's chidings which were spoken through his family in an effort to get him to give them a place of favoritism.  He continued in His teachings, his healing the sick, casting out demons, healing the broken hearted and teaching about My kingdom of love.
   Recognize your enemies.  They are not your family and your fiends.  They are the evil spirits who are influencing them to oppose you, wound you and emotionally injure you. 
   My Holy Spirit is the one who identifies your demonic enemies for you. He never identifies human beings as being your enemies.  You must do the same with the help of My Holy Spirit who gives you discernment to distinguish between the kingdom of righteousness and the kingdom of sin. 
   My love children do not war against other humans.  Your only war is with the demonic spirits who tempt people to defeat you.
   Your weapons are spiritual and I will teach you how to use those spiritual weapons.
   Your Loving Father             

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