Saturday, March 28, 2015


Dear One,
    My promise to you is that I will give you the expressions of praise for any heaviness that comes upon you that was caused by the rigors of life.  Isaiah prophesied that when I introduced My salvation into the earth through My Son Jesus that I would give you keys to cure every depressive thought that comes to your mind. (Isaiah 61:2-3) As with all of My keys, My children must take the keys into their hands and use them before the doors to that part of my kingdom can be entered.  
    The master key is to become My love ambassadors in the earth.  When My children use that master key to unlock the gates to My heaven, then My Holy Spirit can teach them how to enter into each room in My heaven which contains solutions to every problem which pertains to human life. (John 3:16-17)
    There is an effective key that opens the door to the joy that is available in My family for all who desire to rid their lives of the heaviness of depression caused by disappointments, failures of themselves or others, illnesses, oppositional attitudes or stinging words spoken to them or about them.  Isaiah said that the garment of praise will cure all heaviness of spirit, so it is available to all of My children to cure depression.  An instructional song as given by My Holy Spirit says that you must "put on" a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  So under extreme heaviness of mind the garment of praise does not just come upon you but must be put on by you as an act of your will. 
    You have experienced using this key to returning to the joy of your salvation in the midst of extreme heaviness of your mind.  You have chosen, as an act of your will, to "put on" garments of praise by starting to praise Me when you had spirits of depression and heaviness invading your mind.  You chose My ways instead of the ways of depression which comes from hell.  You began to praise Me as an act of your will, not as an emotional feeling.  Your feelings at the time were definitely not emotions that would lead to praising Me because you were self consumed rather than consumed with praises for Me.  However, the more you praised Me for My mercy, My love, My goodness, My kindness, My patience with My children, My long suffering with My children, My productive guidance, My plan of saving you from the works of evil and My forgiveness, the more the heaviness dropped off of your mind and My joy was restored to you.  The joy of your salvation returned because the spirit of heaviness could not stay around where praises to Me are being proclaimed.  Your praises to Me are deafening blows to the ears of the spirits of depression and heaviness. (Psalm 48:10; Psalm 51:11-12)
   Continuing to praise Me will completely rid you of the depressing spirits of heaviness, chasing them out of your life.  When those spirits leave, the joy that is found in My heavens will flood your mind and you will again soar like the eagles over the mundane things of the world.  Your mind will no longer be on the depression and heaviness because they will be gone; but, instead, your mind will be on Me and My power to solve every problem that confronts you.  You will be magnifying Me and My power instead of magnifying the spirits of depression and heaviness. (Psalm 34:3-4)
   Praise is a simple but powerful cure for the heaviness of depression.  Every time depression enters into your mind you must choose to put on the garment of praise.  A garment is a covering of our body.  When you praise Me, as I said, your mind is no longer on yourself but it is on Me.  That's when the heaviness leaves and joy returns.  It starts as an act of your will. (Psalm 42:19-12)
  You might feel hypocritical in praising me when you have heaviness of mind, but after a time of praise you will notice that depression has left and joy has returned.  Continue in praise and then pray in the Spirit and the understanding because your spiritual antennas are high in faith because you have accessed My kingdom and turned your back on the kingdom of evil thoughts and attitudes which caused the depression and heaviness of mind. (Psalm 22:23)
    Praise is a cure-all for depression and heaviness of heart. (Acts 2:46-47)
    Your Loving Father of Solutions

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