Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Dear One,
   Discerning My beneficial guidance from the erroneous guidance that comes to burden you is a learning experience.  You have experienced times when My wisdom was coming to your mind in the form of thoughts that it was in direct opposition to other thoughts that were vying for space in your mind.  You were double minded at the time, not knowing which was the best solution to your problem.  You made a decision based on your gut feeling rather than an emotional feeling and you found that it was the right decision.  My wisdom won. (James 1: 5)
   You learned that the way to tell the difference between the good solution and the wrong solution is to discern which one relieves you of a burden and which one adds to your burdens.  My Holy Spirit is the burden bearer provided for you so that you do not have to bear a burden.  So, choosing the solution that takes a burden off of you is My wisdom and guidance because My Spirit is the Spirit of wisdom.  If you were to choose a solution that brings more burdens upon you, you would be choosing to be the burden bearer yourself and that choice would add more stress to your life, cursing you with unnecessary worries.  (Matthew 11:29-30)
   Jesus was the ultimate burden bearer.  He invited all of your burden upon Himself when He was wounded for your trespasses, bruised for you iniquities, chastised so that you might have peace and beaten so that you would be healed. There are no other burdens known to man than those burdens and Jesus bore them in His body on the cross so that you do not have to bear them. (Isaiah 53:5)I Peter 2:21-24)
    My Spirit of wisdom being given to you is the result of the punishment given to Jesus on the cross when He took punishment for you, bearing the burdens of your wrong decisions, your mistakes and your wrong choices which add burdens to your life. Jesus and I sent My Spirit to lead you into making the right decisions so that your burdens would be relieved rather than more being received. (John 16:7-11)
    Jesus told you that My Spirit of wisdom and truth will lead you into the truth that takes burdens off of you instead of putting burdens upon you. Jesus said that My Spirit would reveal to you what guidance is from My kingdom of righteousness and which guidance is from the kingdom of burdens.  He said that My Holy Spirit, when He comes to live in you, will judge or discern between the two so that you will know which solution to choose, then hopefully  your choosing the solution which will do away with your burdens rather than multiplying them. (I Peter 5:6-11)
    When you are faced with a decision, always make it a habit to allow My Holy Spirit to show you which of the thoughts ministering to your mind are from Me and which will add burdens to your life.  I want to relieve you of burdens and the devil wants to add burdens to you so that you will be destroyed with those added burdens.  (I Thessalonians 5:21-24)
    Don't let emotions have anything to do with your decisions.  The devil works in your emotions.  Merely decide which choice will allow you to shed burdens and then choose it.  You will have immediate peace when you choose that guidance because when you do choose it I go into immediate action to make your life peaceful and productive rather than broken by unnecessary burdens. (Psalm 26:3)
    Often My Spirit filled children will allow religious laws and obligations to add more and more burdens to them.  You must remember that religious laws bind you to burdens instead of loosing you from burdens.  Jesus declared that truth many times.  People who desire to be bound with burdens in an effort to prove their religiosity will find that they do become completely bound, loaded with burdens which destroy their peace and kill their spirit, their soul  and their body.  Instead of becoming burden bearers, I call My children to freedom for your spirit, your soul and your body. (John 8:36)
     Allow My Spirit of discernment to rule in your mind, coaching you on making right choices which will allow Me to be the burden bearer and allowing you to be free of burdens. Then you will have peace for your entire being. (Isaiah 52:7)
    Your Burden Bearing Father      

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