Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dear One,
    Jesus bore your burdens in His body on the cross, your mistakes, your bad decisions, your bad choices, your iniquities, your transgressions, your sins, your bad thoughts, your destructive attitudes, your bitter speech and your vindictive attitudes toward others. He died so that you would not have to suffer punishment from satan because of his temptations that you obeyed.  Jesus suffered so that you would inherit My Holy Spirit's power over all evil in the earth.  He destroyed the effects of the works of the devil in your life. (I John 3:8)
    YET, Jesus told you to bear the burdens of others and you will fulfill his ministry in the earth.  He called you to rest in Him but He asked you to bear the burdens of others.  He did not mean that you should take on the suffering of others or sympathize with them to the point of having consuming grief. 
     His instructions to you that you bear the burdens of others must result in overcoming the evil in every situation, just like Jesus did.  Jesus exemplified My forgiveness while He was in the earth and He bought forgiveness for all people when He was resurrected and came to live with Me, sending His very own power supply, My Holy Spirit, into the earth for men to receive which would make them supernatural creatures, temples of My Holy Spirit. So the instructions of Jesus that you bear the burdens of others means that you forgive them for every offense against you, that you do not take into account a wrong done, just like I do for you. In doing that, you fulfill the ministry of Christ in the earth. 
    Another facet of bearing the burdens of others is that you love your enemies, doing good to them, blessing them and praying for them.  In doing that, you are not returning evil for evil but you are returning good for evil, just like Jesus did.  You are fulfilling the ministry of Christ in your life and the life of the person. If a person strikes you and you do not retaliate with anger or strike back, you are bearing that person's burden, just like Jesus did.  That person's burden was the burden of anger and strife.  If you return good instead of evil, you bear the burden and overcome it with love. (Romans 12:19-21)
    When a person needs encouragement, if you will offer My words of hope and faith instead of correcting them for their mistakes and offenses, you are bearing their burdens and fulfilling the ministry of Jesus Christ. 
   When you pray for people, you are bearing their burdens by praying for the solution to their problems, their mistakes and their bad choices.  In doing that you are fulfilling the ministry of Jesus Christ.
   When you sow love in the lives of people instead of judgment and condemnation by pointing out their mistakes, you are bearing their burdens, overlooking their trespasses just like Jesus does for you.  You are fulfilling the ministry of Christ.
    Bearing the burdens of others means that you are acting out of My love for the person, forgiving them, releasing them from the burdens of their mistakes and bad attitudes, and you are covering their sins with My love which overcomes a multitude of sins.  (Matthew 5:43-48)
     If you return their evil acts with more evil acts, you are not bearing their burdens.  You are returning their burdens to them, cursing them and yourself further with evil that matches the evil with which they are consumed.  Their curses increase and curses invade your life as a result of your summoning the cruel laws of hell to minister in the situation instead of allowing My principle of good overcoming evil to rule in the situation which destroys the power of evil in the situation. (Matthew 5:38-42)
   So bearing the burdens of others is doing what I do for you, forgiving you, doing good to you, overcoming evil with good and being spiritually blind to the mistakes, choices and failures of others. (Matthew 5:21-24)
   Jesus said that My children would do greater works because He came back to live with Me.  My Holy Spirit is eager to do those mighty works through you by urging you to forgive others of their offenses, to love the lawbreakers and sowers of strife, to only return good for the evil done to you, to elevate people instead of devalue them, to do to others as I do to you. 
    Bearing the burdens of others is loving them and forgiving them. It's doing what Jesus Christ did for you and what I called you to do. (Galatians 6:2)
    Your Loving Father

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