Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Dear One,
    We talked about the fact that honoring Me is to love and respect others and to bring peace to every situation.  Honoring Me must not be in word only but in deed, also, by taking My admonitions and advice to heart, following their guidance and reaping the blessings that come from sowing good seeds of love. peace and forgiveness in the earth.  Those actions are the result of truly honoring Me because you are honoring My creations and My children who are made in My image,  (Matthew 25:40)
     When someone compliments the personalities, characters and good actions of your children, they honor you and you swell with pride. When My children do acts of goodness and kindness in the earth, My heart swells with appreciation that they took My advice and honored Me by accepting My guidance.
     Emulating My character of Love is honoring Me to the highest degree.  Empty phrases of praise and honor in religious services are powerless unless you are also honoring others by loving them as I commanded in My new commandment through Jesus, that you love others as I love you and to love your enemies as much as you love your friends.
     To honor Me is to be as I Am in the earth, vessels of love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, faithfulness, patience and self control. I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in you, enabling you to be My images in the earth just like your Brother Jesus was My perfect image by extending My love power to everyone in order to release them from their burdens.  (Matthew 5:44-48)
    Often My children fall for the temptations of the devil and become his images in the earth, judging, condemning, criticizing, verbally assaulting others, being rebellious to governmental authorities, withholding goods from the poor, robbing from widows and orphans, ranting, raving, engaging in political opposition and other evil practices.  They honor the devil by spreading negative words and practices in the world but then they expect to be blessed by Me.  As I said, it is impossible to side with your demonic enemies and then receive My blessings.  Switching sides from good to evil always brings devastating results because the devil wants to destroy every good thing in your life. (Galatians 4:16-24) I sent Jesus into earth to give you My abundant life. 
   The good news is that when you return to Me and My loving, peaceful ways, you will return to the good life and again receive My blessings.  When you choose to turn from the character of evil and return to My character of love, then you put yourself in direct line to receive My blessings.  You have honored Me by becoming One with me, answering the prayer of Jesus, that We would be One as He and I are One.  When that choice is made, then the blessings of My kingdom become yours and you will be flooded with good. (Matthew 5:5-9)
     To honor Me is to give complete allegiance to Me, becoming so personally acquainted with Me that you become like Me with My personality and character evident in your life.  That is true honor because it is not honoring Me in word only but honoring Me in thoughts, attitudes and actions.  It is becoming My image in the earth so that others will see your goodness and glorify Me as the giver of good things. (Matthew 5:16)
    The only way to honor Me is to be honorable, virtuous, loving, kind, good and peace loving.
     Your Loving Father

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