Monday, April 13, 2015


Dear One,
    Where there are civil and religious laws, there are always stone pitchers and stone throwers.  What is the difference? 
    Stone throwers are people who want everyone who breaks either a written or assumed civil or religious law to be punished to the highest degree, judging them openly, condemning them openly to others, insisting on their punishment, insisting on their being labeled as lawbreakers.  (John 8:3-11)  That is not My way.  My way is the way of forgiveness, as Jesus showed to the woman who was an adulterer.  That should be the way of My children who are called by My name, remitting sins rather than retaining them. Civil laws have the punishment of your governing bodies.  My children should be in the business of forgiving and remitting them. That is why I said that My children who are called by My name should visit the people in prison, so that they can assure the prisoners of the forgiveness of their sins.  They need to know that I am the One who forgives, not the one who punishes. 
     Stone pitchers are people who may not openly judge others but who judge them in their thoughts, always looking in their minds to persecute a rule breaker or law breaker in order to make themselves feel more virtuous, more godly.  Those people often call themselves by My name but they use civil and religious laws to judge people in their minds as being good or bad.  Jesus said that there were laws against adultery but the people who judged others for committing adultery look on women with lust in their minds, so they are guilty of adultery, too. (Matthew 5:27-29) So stone pitchers are My children who judge others in their minds, condemning them for their actions that are opposed to religious laws, but they have judged others themselves and done other things against the law.  He said that if a person judges others, even in their own minds, that that person will be judged.  He was revealing to My children that forgiveness is the mindset of My true followers because I am the Father of forgiveness.(Matthew 7:1-2)
     A flowing river of mercy instead of judgment has always been the healing flow from My heart.  After all, Jesus has paid the price for every sin, trespass, iniquity, mistake and misdeed that people have ever committed and will ever commit.   
    Without the power of My Holy Spirit in the lives of people, there is no power to refuse the evil promptings by the devil.  That is why I am forgiving and why My children should be forgiving.  Yet, some of My Spirit filled people are unforgiving and judgmental toward religious and civil law breakers.  They use those laws against people instead of forgiving people for being spiritually weak to the pull toward yielding to the works of the devil. All the time, the religious enforcers of the law are judging others instead of forgiving offenses. They forget their own sins of judging others, desiring to exact every punishment upon the lawbreakers. They make their battles with flesh and blood instead of with the demons from hell who are the real lawbreakers and who entice My children to do evil deeds against each other. (Ephesians 6:10-18)
    My true children, the ones who are emulating My character, will always forgive others in their minds and in their actions because I have forgiven them for their own sins and misdeeds. They will inherit the blessings that I have promised because they know their war is against good spirits and evil spirits and they do not condemn people but they condemn the evil spirits who entice the people to sin.  The ones who show my true, merciful character by walking in the Holy Spirit will enjoy the blessings of My family.  (II Corinthians 6:3-12)   They will neither be stone pitchers nor will they will stone throwers.  They will be forgiveness and mercy pitchers and they will be forgiveness and mercy throwers, just as I am.
     Judge your own thoughts, whether they are judgment thoughts from hell for others or whether they are merciful and forgiving thoughts for others from Me.  Jesus said whose sins you retain are retained and the sins you remit are remitted.  My true children remit the sins of others, just like I do.   My children who retain the sins of others will suffer from their own judgment, for it will be returned to them.  (Matthew 26:28; John 20:22-23; Matthew 7:1-5) I grieve for the stone throwers and the stone pitchers because they separate themselves from Me and invite judgment upon themselves.
     Reserve all judgment for the devil and his demons who are at the base of all sins and are the real law breakers. (Matthew 12:28; Matthew 8:16-17; Matthew 10:7-8)
     Become mercy pitchers and throwers instead of condemnation pitchers and throwers.  (Romans 12:2) When you do, you will be known as My children and people will want to know Me instead of fearing judgment and condemnation from Me. You will display My true, loving character to the world. Your reward will be blessings from My kingdom. (Hosea 6:6; Luke 12:32)
    Your Loving and Merciful Father 

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