Thursday, April 9, 2015


Dear One,
    There are people in the earth who are known by My name who, by their behavior, are My children in name only.  Their behavior denies the fact that they are My true children and My Spirit is grieved at their lack of desire to become transformed into My image.(Ephesians 4:24-32)
    My Holy Spirit wrote many letters through New Testament prophets in My Instruction Book appealing to My children to please begin to display My character in their thoughts, attitudes and actions instead of the character of their former father, the devil. Not only was My reputation at stake since they are called by My name, but they are still being cursed in areas of their lives because of their attitudes and actions being testimonies to their continuing allegiance to their former spiritual family which is headed by the devil.  They are witnesses of his evil character instead of being witnesses of My good character. They are still being motivated by the mind of their flesh, which is tempted by the devil, rather than being motivated by the mind of My Spirit, which is coached and influenced by Me. (Romans 8:12-14)
   My children to whom those challenging letters were written in the Bible were born of My Spirit, baptized in My Spirit, but they continued to be witnesses of their former evil lives rather than witnesses of the character of My Son, their Brother Jesus. They were neither witnesses of My character in their attitudes nor in their actions. (Galatians 4:18-21) There was still bitterness, wrangling, raging, raving, strife, division, judgmental thoughts and actions, opposition, angry outbursts, vengeful returning evil for evil, lies, immorality, impurity, gossiping, drunkenness and other attitudes and actions which were cursing their existence.  Yet, they called themselves Christians, ones who were supposed to be visual witnesses of My character. (Acts 1:8) I even wrote that if they were led by My Holy Spirit that they would be displaying My character instead of the character of the devil. (Galatians 4:22-26)
    Jesus even told the hypocrites and Pharisees that they were displaying the character of their father, the devil. (Luke 8:42-45)  Those might seem like harsh words to you, but the motivation of Jesus and the motivation of My Holy Spirit in the letters to My children who call themselves Christians were spoken and written so that you will understand how to access the keys to My kingdom which bring My heaven to earth in your life.  Those words were not condemning words but they were instructional words coaching you on how to inherit My blessings instead of your continual inheritance of the curses of the evil kingdom. 
     You speak emphatic, loving, instructional words to your children, coaching them on choosing between good and evil actions, knowing that their choices determine the courses of their lives.  My loving words are often emphatic in order to get My children back on the right track of My family living in which they will have more blessings than they can imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)
      Don't be My child in name only.  Become My child who displays My loving, peaceful character so that you will inherit what I have already given to you in My last will and testament to you, which is a loving, peaceful existence.  That can only come from being My child in nature and in character as well as in name. Then I will be glorified in the earth as I am in the heavens because My children are reflections of My love.
     Your Loving, Peaceful Father

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