Saturday, April 11, 2015


Dear One,
    Opposing other people is an outgrowth of the fall of man in the Garden of Edan.  Oppositional attitudes have gotten people in trouble since the beginning of time.  Under My old covenant with a nation it was the practice to require an eye if someone caused an injury to your eye.  It was legal for you to return the same evil for an evil done to you.  If someone knocked out your tooth, it was legal for you to do the same, knock out a tooth from the offender.  Those actions of returning evil for evil done to you became known as My advice for people.  It should not have been so.  My children in the earth today continue to teach their children to strike a person in return for a strike against him or her  That is not My way.(Matthew 5: 38-48)
   Jesus taught that opposing anyone would keep you from entering into the full benefits of My family.  He taught that there is a better way.  He said that My children should not resist evil but when someone strikes you, that you should merely turn the other side of your face so that the person can strike you there.  He said if a person sues you that you should not only give him what he requires but that you should pay him more than is required. He said if someone forces you to go a mile that you should go with him two miles. Keeping peace is a characteristic of your peace loving Brother Jesus and Father.   (Ephesians 4;1-3)
   Jesus taught that the tradition of hating your enemies but loving your friends would not get for you the benefits of My kingdom.  He said that the way of My family is to love your enemies, those being people who oppose you.  He said to bless those who curse you and to do good to those people who hate you.  He said to pray for the people who spitefully use you, gossip about you, judge you and persecute you.  He even said that if you return evil for evil that your reward from the kingdom of evil will be to return more evil to you.  (Galatians 6:7)
    He also said that what you sow you will definitely reap.  He said if you sow destruction that you will also reap destruction. Since the devil comes to destroy all that you have, that should be your first clue that sowing into his garden will cause you to reap his destruction.  Jesus said if you sow into My garden of love, forgiveness and peace, that you will reap love, forgiveness and peace.  There is no other good way in My family. 
    There is the way of evil and there is the way of good in the world.  When you sow evil thoughts, attitudes and actions, you will reap evil.  I said that you have the right to choose either good or evil, blessings or curses.  I said to choose good blessings and you will live My abundant life. 
     There are still two kingdoms in operation in your world today, My kingdom of good and the devil's kingdom of evil.  Which kingdom you emulate will determine whether blessings or curses will flood into your life.
    Jesus died so that you would have the wisdom and insight of My Holy Spirit to refuse evil and embrace good.  He taught you that My ways are completely opposite the ways of evil, yet My children continue to choose to obey the temptations of the evil promptings, sowing into his garden of destruction.  Then they claim that I do not answer their prayers.  Their actions choose their destruction.  I did neither dispense nor approve of the evil that came upon them.   I am grieved for their bad choices and the oppositional seeds that they sow.  
     If you will simply follow the teachings of My Son Jesus, not opposing anyone by striking back when stricken, not returning evil for evil done to you but to always return good for evil done to you, you will find yourself flooded with My blessings because you have accessed My kingdom benefits by sowing My love into your world.  Love benefits will overtake you.
     Act like Me, your loving Father.  Don't act not like your enemy, the father of evil.
     Your Loving Father      

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