Saturday, April 18, 2015


Dear One,
   There are no human words to let you know how much I love and prize you.  Because human words are inadequate, My Holy Spirit is the only one who can reveal the depth of My love for you.  I am honored to show you My love.  Others have used human words and said that My Son died for you and that price is the only human measurement that tells you how very much I love you.  Still, that truth is inadequate because your value to me is impossible to put into human words. 
    However, when My Holy Spirit envelops you in My love, then you intimately know the depth, width, height and breadth of how much I love and adore you.  You are surrounded with divine, complete comfort, infused with My overwhelming peace, and you bask in My personal assurance of your value to Me.  You know that I adore every cell in your body as well as your spirit and your mind.  You are so validated by My love that all insecurities fall away immediately and you are elevated to a place of honor because I honor you with My greatest gift, My very own Spirit.
    I said that perfect love casts out fear.  When you intimately know the highest degree of My love for you, there is no room for fear because there is no torment in Me, there is only unconditional favor and acceptance.  I place upon your head the crown of My rightness by giving you a part of myself, My Holy Spirit.  Your heart can only perceive the truth of My love for you because your human mind is limited and unable to comprehend the vastness of My love.
    My Spirit wrote through Paul that he prayed that you might know the vastness of My love for you that far surpasses human knowledge but is spiritually discerned.  I encourage you again, seek Me for a revelation of My love for you.  Seek to know the fullness of My love for you so that you will never again fear anything because you are firmly planted on the firm foundation of being prized and adored by Me.
     My Holy Spirit has the duty and mission to reveal My love to you.  He eagerly waits for you to ask to know the extent of My love for you so that you will be completely flooded with Me, as revealed by My Spirit.  Yes, it is possible to know Me intimately and to be filled with the revelation of My love. (Ephesians 3:14-20)
     Your Loving Father   

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