Saturday, April 4, 2015


Dear One,
    When you hear about children who are raised in poverty, ones who are abused,  deprived, molested and neglected, Instead of thinking in your mind that they will never have a chance in life, remember what My desire is for them.  Think about My ability to redeem them from every negative curse that has been placed on them by their parents.  Your calling from Me is to pray for the right people to come into their lives who will mentor them, guiding them into a prosperous and successful life.  (Matthew 19:14)
   Your prayers send forth my orchestrations that will lead the right people to them, benefactors who will become the right guides and mentors, ones who will lift them out of the curses, set them on the rock of My love and bring them into My blessings.(John 4:34-38)
   I can restore and regenerate their thinking by your prayers, instilling in them the faith to believe for redemption from the evils of poverty and neglect.  Remembering that I can do super abundantly more than you can think or imagine according to the power that is in you, let Me change your thinking first in relation to them, raising the limits in your mind on what they will be able to accomplish in their futures by your intercessory prayers.(Ephesians 3:20)
   You have faith for Me to orchestrate the formulas for cures for diseases through your intercessory prayers.  Use the same faith in praying for Me to redeem the lives of all of the lost ones, the children who have no parental guidance and hope for their own futures.  You can make it possible by your prayers and trust in Me.  I can put images in their minds of being successful, climbing out of the curses of poverty and becoming productive citizens with loving families in their adult years. 
   Do not limit me in your thinking and do not limit the power of My abilities as far as your Holy Spirit led prayers are concerned.  My desire is to restore every human being to the blessings that I have created for them.  I need people who will believe Me and work with Me in praying that restoration into existence.  Then the called workers will come forth and defeat the curses of poverty in all who will listen. (Luke 2:9-11)
    Call forth the intercessors for the children.  They are My children, too.
    Your Loving Father 

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