Thursday, April 30, 2015


Dear One,
    Everyone knows that successes and failures in life are all about choices.  There are choices that lead to the paths of goodness and there are choices that lead to the paths of evil.  (Psalm 23:1-3) Since there are consequences to choices, the paths of goodness (righteousness) lead to calmness for your emotions and total restoration for your mind.  My love, goodness and mercy camp about you when you choose the paths of goodness. 
    There are bad consequences to making choices to follow the evil paths which lead to destruction.  There are injury to body, soul and spirit.  They are never apparent to the person making the choices because the consequences are blinded from the eyes of My children by the father of evil, the devil. If My children could see the end results of their bad choices they would never choose evil.
    I am the Good Shepherd who leads My children on the beneficial paths which lead to good results, which is success in every area of life. (Deuteronomy 28)  The devil is the one who tempts My children to choose the paths which lead to destruction, being cursed in every area their life.
    When My children are established in My love, they know that there are people who cannot choose the paths of goodness because of family heritage, generational curses and lack of good parental guidance.  They are not equipped to make good choices which lead to success in every area of life.  They are only equipped to choose evil over good.  Those people are the ones that I sent Jesus to earth to save.  They are the ones who are in need of a savior.  They are the ones upon whom My mercy is targeted because they never had a chance from the beginning of their lives to make good decisions.  They were trained by their parents to make emotional evil decisions rather than to make reasonable, good decisions. 
    I do not --- I DO NOT -- leave and abandon the people who are ill equipped with the spiritual and mental equipment to make right choices.  My mercy and My love are abundantly poured upon them.  That is why I chided the Pharisees during the time of Jesus for putting more burdens upon the diseased and rebellious and the law breakers instead of being merciful and loving to them. That is why Jesus said He came to save the sinners, the ones who have inherited the curses of evil and have never had a chance in life.  I came to earth through Jesus with love for the downtrodden and the brokenhearted and the people who were burdened with the consequences of the bad choices of their parents, their parents' parents, and their own choices.  I came to save not to judge and condemn. (Matthew 7:1-2)
     Yet, My children who are called by My name have become experts at judging and condemning the lost ones, the very ones that I came to save.  They gather together and exclude the ones who need My salvation, prideful that they have made the right choices in life. They exclude the ones who are in need of My Holy Spirit and His guidance. They have left the paths of goodness and have taken a wrong turn, edging onto the paths of evil.  They deem themselves good and the ones in need of My salvation as bad.  Mercy is nowhere to be found in them.  They are not following in My paths of goodness because they stopped publishing the good news of salvation to the ones in need and started judging and condemning people who make the wrong decisions from lack of knowledge.
      You must be watchmen, always being alert to arrest any thoughts which blame, judge or condemn others, knowing that they are temptations from hell that want you to deprive people of My mercy.  You must always keep love, forgiveness and mercy at the forefront of your mind. You must teach your children to avoid evil; yes, even teaching them to avoid the evil thoughts and attitudes of judging and condemning others by labeling them as good or bad. You will save your children from future consequences when you teach them not to judge others or they will be judged by the devil, himself.
     Choices matter, but My salvation is for the ones who make wrong choices and deserve your mercy, forgiveness and love because I am merciful, forgiving and loving to you when you make bad choices and begin judging others.  Salvation is universal.  It is not limited to the churchgoers.  Remember that Jesus taught in the marketplace, not in the churches where the self righteous worshiped.  He took the good news of My love to the ones who were in need of My love and My power, the ones who had made wrong choices.  He loved them and gave them the power of My Holy Spirit so that they can avoid the consequences of bad choices. 
      Go and do likewise.
      Your Loving, Forgiving, Merciful Father

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