Friday, April 10, 2015


Dear One,
     I told My prophet Isaiah that the feet are beautiful of the One who was to bring peace to the earth, the One who brings good news to people, who speaks only of good in the earth and speaks of salvation for all of the world.  Then I told Isaiah that all unclean things would be sent out from My children and put into subjection under the feet of Him who was to preach salvation to the world.  My authority would be established over all evil through Him and people would be saved.  (Isaiah 52:7-11)
     The apostle Paul spoke about the peace that was brought to the earth by Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  He said that peace can only come between people when people who are born of My Spirit and baptized with My Spirit minister peace to others.  My Holy Spirit is the One who made Jesus the minister of peace.  He mirrored what Jesus taught, that one should not return evil for evil done to them, but to return good for evil.  Peace between people is guaranteed when good overcomes evil in relationships. The feet of that person of peace are beautiful in the heavens. (Romans 12:21)
    Peace with your neighbor is guaranteed when good from Me overcomes the evil that motivates all arguments. The feet of the person of peace are beautiful in the heavens and My blessings flow into his or life.  Peace with your mate and in your family is guaranteed when you overcome evil with good attitudes and actions.  Your feet are beautiful because you have tread on evil spirits with good and defeated them. 
   My children profess that they can tread on serpents and scorpions and the power of the devil.  (Luke 10:18-20) They quote Jesus.  They have forgotten that the way that Jesus taught to overcome evil is with good done toward the person who is being used by the evil one.  (Matthew 5:43-48)
   My Spirit taught through Paul that your battle is never with flesh and blood but is always with demonic kingdoms in the air. (Ephesians 6:11-18) That battle is done through intercessory prayers, casting out demons from a person and showing love toward the person who is being used by evil. 
   When I said through Isaiah that the feet of a person who brings peace is beautiful, I also said that you must wake up, put on your beautiful garments of peace, become a watchman, aways recognizing that your battle is not with people but with the devil and his demons.  (Isaiah 52:1-2 and 8) When you awake to that truth, you will always seek to bring peace to every circumstance and every situation so that your feet will be deemed beautiful in the heavens because you have put the spiritual enemies under your feet but you have distributed My love to My children who are made in My image in the earth.  Remember that what you do to even the least of My children you do to Me. (Matthew 25:40) 
   When your actions are of love, then you are living as My image in the earth and you -- yes, even your feet -- are beautiful to the cloud of witnesses in the heavens around you.  Then your inheritance is easily distributed to you because you are identified by your love as My child. (Isaiah 52:6)
    Put on your feet the beautiful shoes of the gospel of peace.(Romans 10:15)
    Your Loving Father      

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