Sunday, April 26, 2015


Dear One,
    Yes, I promised that it is possible to have perfect peace for your mind and perfect peace with others. I even told My children how to have perfect peace.
     First thing is to keep your mind on Me and My promises instead of events that cause worry, fretting and distress.  When you can do that, keep your mind on Me, then the worry, fretting and mental distress have to leave because you can't think about two things at the same time. (Isaiah 26:3)
     Another way to have perfect peace in your life is that you must avoid every appearance of evil, meaning that you must recognize every evil temptation to do something against civil laws.  All laws were made to help you to avoid things that will be bad for you, things that take advantage of others, things that cause you to lose control of your faculties or things that will cause injury to yourself or other people.  (I Thessalonians 5:21-23) When you do take the advice of your governing authorities and avoid the evil practices that the laws identify, you will always have peace because you will not be a lawbreaker and instead will be a follower of all laws.  You will not live in fear of punishment as a law breaker.  Peace will come to your mind. 
     Another way to have perfect mental peace is to take the advice of your Brother Jesus who taught constantly about the ways to have peace because He is the Prince of Peace.  He is the expert at peace. His teachings about how to keep peace are also taught by My Holy Spirit through My Instruction Book, the Bible.  Remember that My ways are never the ways of the world or of human beings.  My ways are always higher in value and results than human ways because My ways are always good and never evil.(Isaiah 55:9-11)
    For instance, Jesus taught never to return evil for evil done to you but to always return good for evil.  He said that you will keep peace when you follow His advice.  The reason He taught that workable principle of peaceful living is that He knew the truth of the two kingdoms at work in the world, My kingdom of good and the devil's kingdom of evil.  Because Jesus could spiritually discern all events, He knew that when people return evil for evil done to them that they only multiply the evil in the earth because the person who originally did evil to you will again return your vengeful evil with more evil.  Then you have participated in multiplying the works of the devil in the earth.  (Matthew 5:38-42)
    Jesus also knew that when you return good for evil done to you that you rob  evil of its chance to multiply evil in the earth. The good that you do for your enemy will suck the destructive power out of the evil spirits who were behind the original evil that was done to you. (Matthew 5:43-48) The attitude of the person who opposed you will change toward you to be favorable and there will be good attitudes prevailing instead of destructive ones.  Peace will enter the  situation instead of more evil works.  It is so simple but it is spiritually discerned because you must know about  the war between good and evil that is still present in your world.  Good always overcomes evil because My power of good is the highest power in the universe. (Romans 12:21) It is called love.   Love changes people and changes circumstances and changes situations.  Love is more powerful than the power produced by the combination of every nuclear powered station in the world.   
    Love always brings peace to you and to others.
    I desire that you have perfect peace.  Take into consideration the precautionary ways that I told you would bring peace to you:  first, keep your mind on Me and my promises instead of worrying; second, avoid all evil practices which will cause you to become a lawbreaker and fear punishment; and, third, forgive all the people who do evil to you, doing good to them instead of returning the evil done to you.  Your mind will have perfect peace if you will take My advice as given by Me, your loving Father. 
    You tell your children to do as you say, not as you do.  I tell you to do as I say and as I do.  Then you will have the peace that I promised.
    Love never loses;  Love always wins.  (I Corinthians 13;4-13)
    Your Peaceful and Loving Father

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