Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dear One,
     I honor you as My child, as a being having been created in My image of body, soul and spirit.  I honored you by giving you My life or you would not be a living being.  Then in your hour of great need for more power than human life could give, I gave to you My Holy Spirit to create within you a new spiritual person with supernatural power to overcome the evil that was endeavoring to destroy you spiritually, mentally or physically.  (John 14:23-27)
    If I did not honor you, I would not have trusted you with My very own Spirit to live inside of you to lead, guide and direct you.  I honor you by leading you beside the still waters of life for your rest, restoring your mind into unity with me for your peace, and leading you on the paths of My righteousness of love for My name's sake.  (Psalm 23:1-3)
     You ask why is it for My name's sake.  It is for My name's sake because when My children are engaged in wars with each other, in disagreements, in strife,  belittling one another, robbing from the poor and disadvantaged through political and religious factions, in selfishly opposing one another, family members hating one another, in killing one another, and in stepping on and treading on people instead of on the demons who are tempting and causing evil acts to be done through them, My children are dishonoring Me by their behavior.  My name is maligned and ridiculed because of the negative actions of My very own children, people who call themselves by My name.  That is why I said I would lead you to still waters for your mind, to green pastures for rest, and why I said I would restore your soul, because I want you to become My true images in the world in deference to the image that others have of Me because of the oppositional actions of My children who have embraced evil.
   My image in the world is damaged because some of My children have become images of My spiritual enemy, the devil, becoming as sheep to the slaughter instead becoming My image of love and peace. (Romans 8:35-39) 
    My desire is to return all of My children to a restored state of being My true witnesses in the world, witnesses of My true character of love and peace.  (Acts 1:8) When My children again become My images in the world, then others will want to become united with Me and want to become My image themselves, images of resting beside the still waters of peace instead of living in the constant turmoil of opposition. For My reputation's sake, they will want to embrace My love instead of embracing the erroneous lessons of their teachers who create images of their own strife and destruction. (James 3:13-18)
    I have honored you in every area of your life by restoring your mind to peace, restoring your spirit so you know My unconditional love for you, and restoring your body to My abundant life, as I promised.  For My name's sake, you become My image in the earth because I honor you with My love, as I honor all people.   You have chosen My efforts to honor you by accepting My Spirit and His tutoring which creates in you My righteousness actions of love. (John 16:12-16)
    I honor you and I only ask that you honor Me by listening to and incorporating My teachings of love and peace into your life instead of your obeying the teachings of the disciples of opposition and hatred who only accomplish the works of evil.  Any teaching against My creation is opposing Me. (Matthew 25:40)
    It's very easy.   The choice is yours of whether to malign My image in the earth or whether to  promote My true image of love in the earth.  I am looking for My children who will become the witnesses of My true character. When I called My children to be My witnesses in the earth, I called them to be restored to My true images of love.  Then when they become Love, people will glorify Me as who I am, Love. (I John 4:7-8)
    Your Loving Father

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