Sunday, April 19, 2015


Dear One,
    Because of My deep and abiding love for you, I give you effective advice which aids you in having the abundant life that I promised.  My admonitions are always related to ways to avoid evil and its consequences. 
    One warning that Jesus gave was that you should avoid swearing by heaven or earth or anything in the heavens or the earth that you are going to do something, obligating yourself in the future to do something which could be impossible for you to do as circumstances change.  There is a reason for that important advice. (Matthew 5:33-37) For instance, swearing to do something for which you  had every intent to do in the future, might turn out to be financially or physically impossible when the time comes for that obligation to be kept.  For you, the condemnation and guilt in not being able to keep your obligation can be emotionally burdensome to you, and the person to whom you swore to do something will be inconvenienced, heaping more guilt and condemnation upon you, causing strife between you.  The devastating results of your oath to do something could have been avoided if you had taken the valuable guidance of your Brother Jesus.  His advice to you not to swear to do something was reiterated again by James.  (James 5:12)  He even said, "Lest you fall into condemnation."
    My Holy Spirit told you that the only thing you owe to others is love.  He said to owe no man anything but love.  His advice was given to keep you free from guilt and condemnation caused by a failure to keep an obligation.  (Romans 13:8) Most important is His proclamation that you do owe love to others is simply because you receive My love regardless of what you think or do, so you owe love to others regardless of what they think or do because you are My conduits of love to the whole world. You must pass on My love just as you receive it. (I Peter 4:8)
    My Spirit wrote that even when you were sinful, Christ died for you.  So when others are missing the mark of righteousness, you still owe them My love and forgiveness, too.  All of the teachings of Jesus are culminated in the admonition to "Love others as I love you."  (John 13:34)
    Love covers a multitude of sins, trespasses, iniquities, mistakes and misdeeds.(Proverbs 10:12; James 5:19)
    Your Loving Father 

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