Friday, April 3, 2015


Dear One,
   Jesus was wounded for your transgressions so that you do not have to be punished for your transgressions of the laws, both religious and civil.  He gave you the power of My Holy Spirit to become obedient to laws.  Before My Spirit came to live in humans, they had no power over the demonic spirits of rebellion to laws. Now My children have available to them My power to refuse rebellious thoughts and attitudes which result in civil disobedience. (Romans 8:11)
    He was bruised for your iniquities so that you do not have to be beaten for your obedience to the temptations of the devil to do his works in the earth.  Under the old covenant a person was tempted by the devil to do his horrible works in the earth and then the devil saw that they were beaten for them.  My Holy Spirit gives you the power to refuse the temptations of the devil to do his evil deeds which were followed by beatings for doing them. The devil still tempts, but those people who have chosen to receive My Holy Spirit have the power to refuse the temptations of the devil. (I John 3:8)
   Jesus was chastised for His teachings and lessons on keeping peace with all people and declaring that it is My desire that My children will be peacekeepers.   He endured angry words yelled at Him, heard venomous religious teachings by priests who opposed His teachings that I am the Father of Peace. He suffered so that you can have the peace that He promised for you and that He had for Himself. He was chastised so that you can have My supernatural peace when people oppose you, chastise you and utter rumors and gossip about you for your own calmness and efforts at keeping peace with everyone.(Isaiah 53:5)
    He was struck with a whip many times for the yielding of My children to the works of the devil which cause sicknesses, diseases and afflictions which carry physical and mental torture.  He healed the sick, the diseased and the afflicted while he ministered to the throngs, and He was hated for His acts of love toward people. He endured those whippings so that you can be healed of diseases, sicknesses and afflictions.  Those healings come through supernatural miracles and also through My wisdom which is given to scientists in the form of formulas of medications which heal My children.  My Holy Spirit speaks those formulas through the mouths of My children who obediently pray in My Holy Spirit in season and out of season.  I need mouths in the earth through which to speak My formulas which heal My children. Scientists who are sensitive to My Spirit receive those formulas and promote them for the healing of My people.
    Rejoice in My plan for the salvation of My children and their earth.  Rejoice that Jesus rose from the dead, came to live with Me, and We kept My promise that I made from the foundation of the earth, that I would come to live within them, write My words upon their hearts instead of on stone as in the old covenant with a nation.  That promise was manifested on the day of Pentecost when My Spirit came to live within every person who asked, giving them direct access to My personal words to them just like at the beginning when I walked and talked with the first man, telling him how to tend the earth that I gave to people. (Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4)
   Rejoice that there was a substitute for your mistakes, your sins and your failures.  Rejoice that I sent My Spirit into you so that you can have the heaven on earth for which Jesus prayed. (Matthew 6:10)  Be grateful for the ministry of Jesus, His suffering and His death, but be even more grateful that He sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by people, the Spirit of love and peace who lived in Him and did mighty works through Him.  My Spirit wants to do mighty works through you, like Jesus said, He wants to do greater works in you and through you.  (John 13:12) The works that He wants to do in you is that you destroy the works of the devil, as empowered by My Spirit in the earth.
   You will love defeating evil in the earth because works of evil make you, your family and My other children miserable in their lives. You have the power to defeat those evil temptations, evil thoughts, evil attitudes, evil words and evil actions of people as led by the devil. 
   Continue in the works of Jesus, by destroying the works of the devil in every circumstance and situation, as led by My Spirit, remembering that your battle is not with flesh and blood but with the demonic forces in the air.  My Spirit always defeats them.  He just needs human bodies and minds to do it.
    Cooperate with Me, be on My side and we will get it done.
    Your Father of Peace     

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