Thursday, April 23, 2015


Dear Ones,
    I never, ever, stop working in your behalf to answer your prayers.(Matthew 19:26)
    You must never, ever stop praying and believing.  Your prayers in My Holy Spirit allow Me to orchestrate the answers to your prayers. (Romans 8:26-28) Your believing that the answers are on the way is the earthly faith required that gives Me permission to continue in My efforts to provide the perfect answer. Praying and believing are the works that you must do while I am continuing in My works to change circumstances, situations and people in order to give you the perfect answer. (James 2:17-18)
    When My children stop praying and believing because of impatience, they stop the flow of energy that is required from the earth for prayers to be perfectly answered.  Every one of My promises that I will do what you ask are predicated on the fact that you must believe.  Belief from a person in the earth is necessary for My children to receive the blessings of answered prayers.  (I Thessalonians 1:3)
    Prayers are the invitation for Me to enter into a situation, and your continued prayers in My Holy Spirit allow Me to efficiently orchestrate the necessary activities which will change all circumstances from bad to good.  If faith and belief from the earth was not a requirement, I would be able in an instant to perfect everything in the earth for all of My children and I would make earth the paradise that it was in the beginning before man allowed evil to enter.  But, since the father of evil was given permission to rule in the earth, I must also be given permission to bring My good works into the earth in order to overcome the evil that the devil has done in the life of a person.  I called that the choice between good and evil which came into the earth when the first man chose to not only listen to Me but to also listen to the father of evil, the devil. (Genesis 2:17)
     My efforts at saving My children from their bad choices were culminated in the death of My Son who came to earth to be the Savior for the earth.  (Romans 5:14-21) He proved that I could overcome evil with good and that He needed belief and faith in the earth in order to perform His mighty works.  It is still the same today, He and I need belief and faith to be resident in the earth in order for the answers to the prayers of My children to be manifested in the earth. (Mark 9:23)
     Since faith comes from hearing My words, I give faith to My children who seek Me for faith.  (Hebrews 11:1-3; Galatians 5:22)  With faith and belief in me, you will receive the answers to your prayers if you do not faint in impatience.  I said with faith and patience you WILL inherit the promises.  (Hebrews 6:12)
     My children often say that I do not answer their prayers.  I always strive to answer every prayer of My children.  When My children stop praying and believing, I cannot answer because they have stopped the expectation of the prayers being answered, stopping the flow of faith in the earth which is necessary for the answers to be manifested.  I have answered, but the answers are still in the heavens because of the cessation of the faith necessary to cause them to break out of the heavens and enter into the life of the person.  The problem is always from earth, never from Me.
     I never, ever stop answering your prayers.  You must never, ever give up on your prayers.  Continue in them and continue in expecting the answers to appear.  (Romans 4:16-17)
     Your Loving Father     

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