Saturday, September 12, 2015


Dear One,
    As long as your live in the earth there will be negative images that cross your mind, especially when you are involved in an illness, a conflict, a strife filled situation, a family crisis or a business problem.  That is a result of evil spirits who are resident in your world.  The object of their negative images placed in your mind is to plunge you into fear because fear has torment and they delight in tormenting My children.  Fear grips your gut like a powerful vise.  You have the choice whether to continue thinking the negative, fear filled images or whether to replace them with My images of  love, peace, success and goodness.  I said to rejoice, for I have overcome the power behind those negative images.  (John 15:33)
    My instructions to My children are to look to Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith, meaning that He is the One who made it possible for you to resist negativity and choose positive thoughts.   He endured the cross and made a trip to hell for you so that you would not have to yield to negative images which cross your mind in order to make you a slave to fear.  He is the only One who completes the process by beginning to put new thoughts and images in your mind of being healed, restoring peace with others and solving problems. He finishes what He started, which is instilling trust in your mind instead of fear.  He brings a solution to every disturbing circumstance and situation.
     My Holy Spirit wrote that you have at your disposal an army of witnesses around you in the spiritual dimension called heaven. (Hebrews 12:1-2)  He wrote that you must lay aside every weight of stress and worry which invades your mind.  Choose, instead, to think of Jesus who is the pioneer and perfecter of your faith.  He overcame every evil spirit and He will continue to overcome them in you when you choose to fix your mind on Him rather than all negative occurrences in your world. 
     My Spirit wrote that you are also surrounded by a myriad of angels who are willing to work in your behalf.  You are also surrounded by the people of the old covenant who were looking forward to the Messiah before He was ever born.  They are in My heaven of witnesses which surround you.  I am in the cloud of witnesses, along with Jesus and the spirits of people who were made perfect when they entered into My heaven.  Another powerful element in the cloud of witnesses is My Holy Spirit who was resident in the blood of Jesus when He lived in the earth.  He is My Spiritual power who is able to overcome all the works of evil in the world. We only need your permission through prayers and supplications to enter into your troublesome situations.  (Hebrews 12:22-24)
    You have on your side, working for you, all the power of My heaven which overcame death and hell through Jesus and who will overcome every act of evil from hell which is sent to defeat you.   All of My heavenly beings know how to defeat evil works.  They are experts at doing it because they do it countless times a day in the lives of My children who trust Us to prevail over evil in their lives.
    My heaven cannot be shaken off of its solid foundations.  It is firm forever.  My love for you cannot be shaken off of its reality.  It is firm forever. 
    Works of evil can be shaken off of their feeble foundations because they are powerless before Me and My family.  My Holy Spirit described Me as a consuming fire with the ability to defeat evil works.  My Spiritual power consumes the works of evil because they are merely gases which are consumed by the fire of My Holy Spirit. The evil works are swallowed up in the victories of My Spirit. (Hebrews 12:26-28; I Corinthians 15:54-57)
     Lay aside every weight, every thought of defeat, and look to Me and My cloud of witnesses who surround you.  We are eager to enter into your situation with My power to defeat anything and everything that upsets you.  I am your Good Father and that's what a Good Father does, He defeats everything that harms His children.
     Look to Me, Jesus and others in the heaven around you.  Keep your eyes on Me instead of on the weights of worrying and fretting.  I am the Victor in every situation in which My children invite Me.
      Your Loving Father  

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