Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Dear One,
    My true children know why there is a need for guidance while they live in the earth.  They know that the prince of this world, the devil, is still operating at the permission of human beings.  They allow him to harass them, condemn them, destroy them and kill them.  Jesus did His mighty works while He was in the earth, destroying the works that the devil had done in the lives of people.(I John 3:8)  When He came to live with Me in My heaven, He sent the same power into My children that enabled Him to destroy those cruel works of the devil. My children who were obedient to Him chose to receive My Spirit; and people are still obedient to My Spirit today, cooperating with Him in restoring what has been robbed from them.
     Jesus warned My children that as long as they live in the world that they will have tribulations, but He told them to rejoice because he overcame the world and that they can also overcome the world with the power of My Spirit. (Matthew 16:33)  You can overcome the works of evil every time with My power, My wisdom and My knowledge.
     Paul wrote that you have a wonderful treasure in your bodies, your earthen vessels, to show that the transcendent power belongs to Me and not to you in your human abilities.
     Paul said that My children are afflicted by the devil in every way, but that they are not crushed.
     He wrote that My children are perplexed but hot driven to despair.
     He wrote that My children are persecuted but not forsaken.
     He wrote that My children are struck down but not destroyed. (II Corinthians 4:7-12)
     He wrote that even though bad things happen in the lives of My children, they identify with the death of Jesus so that His life may be manifested in their bodies, being always filled with faith and hope, wisdom and knowledge, power and victory because of the same power being in them that was in Jesus.
    Paul said that you have the same Spirit of faith that Jesus had, so you should not lose heart when light afflictions come upon you, but instead you must look to things unseen, My Holy Spirit and His angels, Jesus and Me who are eternal and powerful, eager to restore you to the promise of an abundant life.(II Corinthians 4:13-15)
    There are some of My children who fall away when tribulations and afflictions, come upon them. They miss out on the crown of life which comes upon you when you have patience, perseverance and are always submitting to My guidance and wisdom, which results in your becoming a victor over every work of the devil.
     Paul encouraged you not to lose heart.  It might be tempting to do that, fall away from being My child with all of its blessings. That was the reason for the devil to bring tribulations and afflictions upon you in the first place, to cause you to lose faith in Me.
     My children who persevere with patience will receive the answers to their prayers because they have faith in Me.(II Corinthians 16-18)
     I said that My burdens are light.  Your afflictions are light when you know that My entire heaven is working in your behalf to bring you the answers to your prayers.  It will be done.
     Your Prayer Answering Father

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