Thursday, September 10, 2015


Dear One,
     I have said in My Instruction Book that all of My promises are yes, amen,  and so be it; meaning that I always keep My promises.  (II Corinthians 1:19-22)
     I always keep My promises to My children no matter what circumstances, situations or actions of people look like to the outer, earthly eyes because My promises are yes, amen, and so be it.
     I always keep My promises to My children no matter what your earthly mind and your earthly emotions say to you because My promises are yes, amen, and so be it.
     When My children believe in, rely on, trust in and cling to My promises that I make to them, I will move heaven and earth to keep My promises to them. answering their every need. 
     To expedite the answers to your prayers, you must endeavor to believe My promises to you instead of the outward, problematic, disturbing, hellish emotional and physical upsetting circumstances that happen in your life.  You must cling to My promises rather than clinging to disturbing outward appearances.   The problems are only temporary but My help in the matters are supernatural, everlasting and powerful.  Trusting in My power and abilities will produce solutions to all of the problems which present themselves in your life.  (II Corinthians 4:17-18)
      Another way to expedite My ability to keep My promises to you is for you to walk in love with all people, forgiving them of offenses against you.  I said for you to seek My kingdom and My righteousness and all things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33) Many of My children only believe that they should seek My kingdom and everything will be added to them, believing that all of their prayers will be answered.  It was a two-fold promise, including in it that you must seek My righteousness.  All of My righteousness is culminated in loving others as I love you. So seeking Me and loving others as I love you will result in your receiving the answers to your prayers every time.  I said EVERY time.
     You cannot act in the power of satan and then access the answers to your prayers.  I said a person cannot have two masters, that he or she will cling to only one, not cling to both of them at the same time. (Matthew 6:24)  You constantly have the pull toward hellish behavior and the pull toward My righteousness.  Always choose to act from My love, which will spur My kingdom into action in your life. I even give you the power to forgive and love others.  That power is in My Holy Spirit who took the place of Jesus in the lives of My children.  He lives in My children rather than merely being with them.
     It is My good pleasure to keep My promises to you, answering all of your prayers and meeting all of your needs, wants and desires. (Luke 12:32) I cannot break My promises to My children.  My children can break their promise to Me by refusing to  walk in love, kindness and goodness toward others.  When they do, they put themselves outside of the direct workings of My kingdom of Love.  I am not the promise breaker.  My children are promise breakers when they pray for My blessings and then they refuse to forgive, they refuse to love and they refuse to be followers of My righteousness.
     I have never broken a promise to My children.  Those who walk in My love, forgiving others, will always receive the results of My promises which are yes, amen and so be it. (I Corinthians 13:1-3)
     Your Loving, Promise Keeping Father. 

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