Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Dear One,
    Faith heals My children of diseases.  Fear afflicts My children with mental, emotional, spiritual and physical diseases.
    My faith produces love for other people because I am love.  The devil's fear produces suspicion and contempt for other people because he hates My children.
    Faith includes others in your life, even loving your enemies, doing good to them and blessing them. Fear causes separation from others in your life, excluding others who believe differently than you, causing you to avoid your enemies, tempting you to make war with others instead of making peace with them. My true church is inclusive, which is caused by faith;  rather than exclusive, which is caused by fear of others.
    My children who teach fear to others are cooperating with their enemy in his afflictions.  Without revelation of My love as revealed by the Holy Spirit, the problem is that religious rules are based upon fear of Me.  When My children have a revelation of My love for all of the world because Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, then they will become inclusive with their love for everyone because I am inclusive in My love for everyone.  I said that I have not given to My children a spirit of fear, but I did and still do give them a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. (II Timothy 1: 7)
    The reason I said that I have given you first a spirit of power is that the power of My Holy Spirit is needed to cast out a spirit of fear. The reason I said that I have given you a spirit of love is that revealed love also casts out fear.  A sound mind is what is left after a spirit of fear is cast out.  That truth identifies the fact that fear gives to My children an unsound mind.  Many of My children have an unsound mind because of the fear that is fed into them by their religious and political leaders.  They are always expecting bad things to happen to them and to the world instead of using their faith to change the bad things in the world into good things by shedding their love abroad to others and by praying in My Spirit.  
    Fear causes stagnation in the spiritual lives of My children.  It causes them to retreat from Me rather than coming into communion with Me so that they can be healed by My love. Fear petrifies My children, causing them to become detached from the world, just like it did Lot's wife. (Genesis 19:26)  It causes a person's heart to stop beating, just like it did Ananias and Sapphira when Peter accused them of lying to My Spirit.  (Acts 5:4-10) Peter caused fear to consume them and their hearts stopped.  At that point Peter did not know the full truth of My forgiveness and My love.  I had forgiven him for denying me three times and yet he accused others of sinning.  Later in his spiritual growth, he knew the entire truth of My forgiveness.
     When it was written that fear of Me is the beginning of wisdom, it was talking about being in awe of Me which opens a person up to receiving wisdom from Me.  It means that the person has experienced miracles to the degree that the person is in awe of My love and My power and he or she wants to hear My personal words which reveal My love. (Acts 1:7) The word "awe" was misinterpreted and was translated into the world "fear."  When a person is awed by My power and My love, he or she wants to know more about Me, submitting himself or herself to My tutoring in order to know Me intimately, which brings wisdom. 
    Fear does not cause a person to want to get to know Me. Just the opposite.  It causes a person to hide from Me, just like Adam and Eve did in the garden after the devil became their life coach.
    If fear can turn you into a petrified zombie, like it did Lot's wife, and if fear can kill you like it killed Ananias and Sapphira, why would My children want to take fear into their lives, even if it is spoken by their religious and political leaders?   They only welcome fear because of the lies of their leaders who want to enslave them with fear.
    My yoke is easy and loving.  It is not filled with fear and hatred.  I have no resource in My heaven from which to draw fear in order to give it to My children.  There is no fear in My family. The birthplace of fear is hell and the devil uses it to put My children in mental, emotional and physical prison. Do not entertain fear in your mind.  It is from hell.
    My angels always tell My children not to fear.  Their appearances in the lives of My children are shocking so they always say, "Fear not," when they appear visually so that My children will not be frozen with fear and experience torment in their bodies and minds. 
    Faith always produces soundness of mind.  Fear always produces an unsound mind which produces mental and physical diseases. (I John 4:18-21)
    I am your Father of Love.  Learn the truth about Me and live the abundant life. 
    Your Loving and Kind Father 

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