Monday, October 19, 2015


Dear One,
    One detriment to My children's lack of faith and belief is the misconception that My heaven is far off in the sky.  I am not apart from you.  I am a part of you.  I live inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit.  I cannot be any closer than inside of you. 
   When you pray in My Holy Spirit, as instructed by Me, the words come from inside of you.  They are the rivers of living waters that were spoken of by Jesus. He said that the waters that He gives will proceed from your innermost belly. (John 7:37-39)  My Spirit wrote through Jude that you should build up yourself on your most holy faith by praying in My Holy Spirit. (Jude 20)
    Another truth that you should believe is the truth that Jesus spoke when He said that My kingdom is at hand, meaning that it is no further away from you than your hand.  (John 10:7-8)  Another confirmation of that truth is when My Holy Spirit wrote that you are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses consisting of the spirits of the redeemed, the spirits of righteous who have been made perfect, also Jesus who mediated a new covenant, His blood, My myriad of angels and Me.  (Hebrews 12:1 and 22-26) He said that you are surrounded by My spiritual house which is filled with power. 
     Therefore, you should be able to enter into My rest if you know that My heaven is around you as well as in you in the person of My Holy Spirit.  
     What more do you need?  I came to earth in the person of Jesus to begin a new covenant with all people who accept Me into their lives.  The old covenant with Abraham became null and void when the purpose for My covenant with them was over.  I chose Abraham through whom his fleshly human line would come the Son of Man but My own blood line would be in the blood of Jesus.  That is what made Jesus to be God and man, because His fleshly genes came through Abraham's lineage (Mary) but His blood line was from My Holy Spirit.  Remember that My Holy Spirit came upon Mary and created the only person to ever be God and man, Jesus.
    After the ministry of Jesus was completed on earth and He came back to live with Me in My heaven that surrounds you, We sent My promise into the earth, the Holy Spirit.  He came into the earth to live inside of anyone who accepts Him so that they will not only have Me surrounding them in My heaven, but so that I would live in them in the person of My Holy Spirit. My words become your words, My motivations become your motivations, My attitudes become your attitudes and My actions become your actions, as led by My Holy Spirit.
     From the point of your becoming a new creature in Christ Jesus, the only things that can deter your being conformed on the outside into My image as well as on the inside are your believing the temptations of the evil one and your being conformed into his image of destruction to others and yourself.  It happened to Adam and it happened to the descendants of Abraham who perished in the wilderness and went after other gods, obeying the temptations to gripe and moan and groan against Me while all the time the detriment was their own unity with the devil. (Hebrews 3:8-19 It happened again to the descendants of Abraham who did enter into the promised land but while there they did not take My advice.  They intermarried with the inhabitants of that land and replaced Me with their gods.  They broke their covenant with Me.  I never broke My covenant with them.  (Hebrews 4:1-4; 4:10-13)
     The blessings of your inheritance were prepared for you from the foundation of the world.  Access to them is contingent on your staying in unity with me, knowing  that My kingdom is around you as well as in you. and taking My advice given to you in My wisdom and knowledge.
     I am in you.  I live in you.  Take full advantage of the benefits of My promise to you, that of being led by My Spirit and praying in My Spirit, and then everything will be added to you because you have stayed in unity with Me.
     You have My Holy Spirit, your tutor, and you have your Instruction Book, the Bible.  You have everything you need to enter into finding My rest for your soul. 
     Your Loving Father    

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