Saturday, October 24, 2015


Dear One,
  We talked about the blinders that make you self concerned, self conscious of your hurts and self protective which cause you to become self centered.  Those blinders blind you to the needs of other people, making you obsessed with your own troublesome situation.   One of the antidotes for that blinding attitude is the admonition that I gave to you to pray for one another so that you will be healed.  When you pray in My Holy Spirit's language for someone else who is in involved in either the toxic situation in which you are involved or another one, I add My prayers for your situation so that it will be solved.  Stepping outside of your own selfishly consuming emotions and praying for someone else always calls My solutions for your problem into play because you are bearing the burdens of others and thus fulfilling the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Blinders have fallen off and you see the needs of other people. (Galatians 6:2; James 5:16)
    Refusing to forgive someone places blinders on your own eyes, causing you to focus on the wrong that was done to you or your family.  You become one dimensional.  Your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions become bitter, focused only on the person who "did you wrong," wanting revenge on that person.  You persecute the person in your mind, reliving the wrong again and again.  Because of replaying the event in your mind, it causes you to resurrect the hurt along with the evil situation . Those thoughts and attitudes disperse toxic hormones into your mind and body, causing illnesses and diseases to enter into them. Those are curses of satan. That is why he initiated the strife filled event in the first place, to cause both of you to engage in the conflict so that he can bring his diseases on you.
   That is why Jesus taught again and again about forgiveness, even giving parables so that you would understand the necessity of forgiving others.  He wanted you to be able to avoid the sicknesses and diseases caused by refusing to forgive others.  When you bind yourself to someone by refusing to forgive the person, you invite the demons which caused the situation to also afflict you like they afflicted the perpetrator of the hurt. You bind the person to yourself and you bind yourself to the evil seeds that they have sown which will definitely return evil to the person and to you. (Matthew 16:17)
   When you forgive a person of a wrong done to you, you loose yourself from the works of the devil and you loose yourself from the person who wronged you, no longer being vengeful and desirous that the person be punished for what he or she did to you.  You become free.  It is written that whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  The teachings of Jesus are meant to set you free from all the works of the devil.  When you forgive someone, like He told you to do, you become free of the person, the devil and the hurt.  You are free to go on with your life without any encumbrances, inheriting My blessings instead of the devil's curses. (John 8:36)  When you become free from the effects of wrongs done to you, you make the ministry of Jesus of great effect. When you forgive someone, you do what Jesus did, die to the emotions of the flesh and you are resurrected from the troublesome event.
    Allow My Holy Spirit to remove the blinders from your eyes, convincing you that My ways will bring My blessings into your life and the devil's ways will bring curses into your life. (Deuteronomy 28:1-15)  Only with revelation of My Spirit will you be able to forgive from your heart.  However, forgiveness begins with an act of your will.  When My Spirit reveals forgiveness to you, eventually it will become forgiveness from your heart and you will be blessed.
   Your Forgiving Father

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