Thursday, January 14, 2016


Dear One,
     You know by now that the devil uses your relatives to tempt you to engage in anger, wrath, judgment and condemnation.  You would rarely fall for his tricks if he used a stranger.  You would merely forgive, forget and go on.  But he uses the people closest to you to rile you, hoping to engage you in a battle of wits and emotions so that he can destroy your peace and soundness of mind.  Because your relatives are the people closest to you, you are more likely to fall for the tricks from hell to engage you in destructive emotional battles.
     When you engage in strife with others you lose your spiritual connection with me, which was the devil's plan all along.  You also lose your sense of mental tranquility, plus you lose your loving relationship with your relative.  Lines are drawn which entice others to take sides and "all hell breaks loose." The evil plan accomplished its purpose, which was to rob all of your relationships of the peace and unity that you so vigorously seek and for which Jesus died to accomplish. 
     You must constantly be on guard to stay alert to the evil plans to destroy your peace of mind.  If you will recognize his plans to rob you, you will not participate in the robbery by willingly engaging in controversy, strife, conflict or accusations.  Instead, you will keep peace at any cost, often sacrificing your desire to be right in an argument.  Sacrificing your pride and ego, which cause you to insist that you are right, is not an easy thing to do, but it accomplishes what I desire for your life, which is peace between you and another person and also the peace of mind which I desire for you. 
    Your proclivity to insist on being right is demonic in its origin.  I created you to be flexible, always giving other people the opportunity to be right in disagreements and arguments.  You are not their god and you are not their conscience, which is what you are trying to do when you insist on being right and their being wrong. 
     One of the outgrowths of My love is to never insist on your own way, never insisting that you are right. (I Corinthians 13:4-7) Instead, you should give everyone the favor of your never insisting that you are right, especially if someone disagrees with you.  When you do refuse to insist that you are right, you are righteous, which is My desire for you.  I never wanted you to be right in every thought, word and deed.  I wanted you to be righteous in thought, word and deed, yielding to everyone by honoring them with the opportunity to be right in their thoughts, even if you think they are wrong.
     Consider this: millions of people have been killed, lives destroyed and nations captured by people who were staunch in their belief that they were right, when all the time they were wrong in their thinking.  They only thought they were right in their own minds because they were pawns of the devil.  Think about that when you are tempted to insist on being right in your thinking.  Give to others the right to exercise their own free will, just like I do for you. 
    If someone in a situation is right, I will avenge the person who is right.  I will send My angels with the truth of which opinion is right.  It will be spoken through the mouth of someone who is respected as an expert,  Then the truth will be documented.  If you are right, you will be avenged.  If you are wrong, you will save face by your not insisting on being right. 
    My proving what is right in a disagreement is what I meant when I said that I will avenge you.   If you insist on avenging yourself, you will look ridiculous if you find out that you were wrong all along.  However, if you allow Me to avenge you, then you will be respected.  If you are right you will be respected for being right all along but refusing to insist that you were right.  But if you are wrong, you will be respected for allowing others the privilege of being right. Your graciousness will be appreciated in the situation. (Romans 12:18-21)
     This is part of My tutoring of you on keeping peace with all people.  It is for your peace of mind as well as your being able to continue in our one-on-one communion, which is furthered by your keeping peace with My other children.
     Your Brother, the Prince of Peace, taught this truth many times, hoping that you will understand the truth of keeping peace with everyone so that My blessings will not be blocked from flowing into your life. (Isaiah 9:6)
     Your Peace Loving Father

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