Friday, January 8, 2016


Dear One,
    First of all, let's establish the truth in your mind that I do not a judge.  I am not the judge of My children. (John 3:17)  The judge of My children is the devil who tempts you to do his evil works and then he judges and punishes you for them. 
    I am the Forgiver, not the judge.  Jesus taught that truth when He began His teaching on the keys to obtaining the blessings from My kingdom.  He even said emphatically that becoming angry and calling someone a fool makes My children liable to receive punishment from the fires of hell.  That should be clear as it can be that it is the devil, who controls the fires of hell, who is the judge.  I forgive; the devil judges.
     That teaching came when Jesus was teaching about anger.  He said that you have heard that you should not kill because those who kill will be judged  He went further and said that to avoid killing that you should not even become angry with your brother or insult your brother because if you do become angry you will liable to be brought up to the devil's council and receive judgment for it.  That is when he went on to say that if you call your brother a fool that you are liable to receive judgment from hell.  The mechanics of that is when you obey the evil one you put yourself in line for his punishment.  That is what he wants to do when he tempts you is to finish his deeds by punishing you. (Matthew 5:21-23) 
    James said that the tongue can be set on fire by hell and cause you to speak bitter, destructive words to others.  (James 3:5-6) So you can see from those two teachings that I do not judge you for things, but it is the devil who judges you for following his temptations.  The way he does it is to bring destruction into your life in one way or another.
    Jesus said that My way is that if someone has anything against you, instead of becoming angry at the person or speaking evil words to the person or about the person, that you should do the loving thing and go to the person and make peace with him or her lest you hand yourself over to the judge, who is the devil, to receive his punishment for engaging in the conflict.  The devil causes the conflict so that he can punish My children with his destructive acts.  That is what any enemy does, draws a person into conflict so that the enemy can destroy the person's life. That is what your enemy, the devil, does.  He draws you into conflict with others by making you angry so that he can bring his destruction into your life,  It is devious and evil.  That is his nature and character and he wants to make you a reflection of his character so that he can curse your entire life.
     Jesus went even further when he said that you must make friends with anyone who accuses you so that you will not eventually be put in prison to receive punishment.  He said that you will pay the full price if you continue to be in conflict with anyone. (Matthew 5:26) He went on to teach about returning good for evil done to you, about loving your enemies and doing good to them, (Matthew 5;38-48)
     My children who do not intimately know Me and erroneously believe that I am the judge and the one who punishes will become judgmental and condemning of others, playing into the evil hands of the devil.  They give him full rein to guide them into inheriting his destructive curses into their lives.  (Matthew 7:1-2) 
    My children who think that I judge, condemn and the one who punishes My children are attributing to Me the character of the devil.  They view Me as a monster instead of the Loving Father that I am.  They believe the same lies that the children of the old covenant believed.  They have not allowed My Holy Spirit to tutor them into the truth about My personality and character.  I forgive them because I understand their choice of believing the devil instead of believing My Holy Spirit. but I am grieved because I cannot reverse the curses that they have chosen by following evil instead of following Me.  If they will return to Me and begin to display My character of love in the world, all curses will be reversed because they are sowing seeds into My kingdom of love instead of the devil's kingdom of destruction.
     As long as My children choose to believe the devil and follow his destructive ways, they also choose his curses instead of My blessings.
     Anger brings the devil's judgment upon you and your family. Learn that lesson well.
     Forgiveness and mercy for everyone bring My blessings into your life.
     Choose whom you will serve, good or evil, and you will receive either blessings or curses, depending upon which characteristics you choose to adopt, either My character of love or the devil's evil character of anger and hatred.
     Your Loving Father of Blessings 

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