Saturday, January 30, 2016


Dear One,
     We have talked many times about the truth that it is My great pleasure to give you everything in My kingdom while you still live in the earth.  (Luke 12:32)  I even gave you through Jesus the keys to open all the doors to My blessings that are stored up for you.  The doors to the storehouses of heaven which contain My gifts for you cannot be opened unless you use the right keys because of the barriers between earth and heaven which were placed there by the devil when Adam allowed him to enter the earth. The evil one from earth placed barriers which block My children from their rightful inheritance as My children.
      My Spirit wrote through Peter that it is by My divine power that I have given you everything necessary for righteousness and the abundant life in every area.  (II Peter 1:3-4)  I am delighted and I rejoice when My children follow My instructions, become My images of righteousness in the earth, and collect their inheritance.  Most of the keys relate to your relationships with others and with Me.  My children cannot be rebellious to Me or in opposition to any of My other children and expect to be blessed because My family is a family of peace.  Jesus is called the Prince of Peace and I am the Father of Peace, so opposition to Me or to any of your earthly siblings will keep you from being abundantly blessed.  When you oppose anyone, your identity as My child is temporarily negated and My delivery angels cannot pour My blessings upon you. 
     When your young children were fighting, they lost their privileges.  It's the same thing in My family, except I do not withhold privileges and blessings.  It is yielding to the voices of evil temptations which cause your opposition to Me or to your earthly siblings that sets up the barriers and keeps you from being abundantly blessed.
       Jesus began His ministry teaching you to be humble instead of proud, meek instead of rebellious, loving instead of hateful, peaceful instead of being in strife with others, merciful instead of judgmental, returning good for evil instead of returning evil for evil done to you.  He taught you to never hit back when hit, to do good to your enemies instead of fighting them, to forgive instead of holding grudges and to pray for those people who oppose you. (Matthew 5)  He knew that being an ambassador of My love in the earth is what I desire because I am Love.  He knew that I desire that My children always receive their rightful inheritance of blessings from Me and He knew that doing evil to anyone in the earth instead of doing good to your siblings in the earth will temporarily rob you of your blessings because you have switched fathers when you do evil in the earth.  You have given up your loyalty to Me and instead you have chosen the ways of the one whom Jesus called "your father the devil."  When you choose evil ways instead of My ways you have changed allegiances and you will inherit the destruction that evil has designed for you because you have united with him.
       This is why I sent you an Instruction Book, so that you will be able to understand there are two kingdoms at work in the earth, My kingdom and the kingdom of evil.  When you oppose anyone you have joined with the kingdom of evil, to your own detriment.  I warn you, coach you, instruct you, admonish you, command you and guide you through My Holy Spirit not to join with evil or you will be cursed with destruction.  When you do unite with evil, wallowing in the pig pen of destruction, but then decide to return to Me and My loving ways, I welcome you as if you had never left Me and My family of love.  I restore to you every blessing that I have.  I forgive you and restore you to My good graces.  I grieved for you while you were in the pig pen eating with the pigs but I could not bless you because you had left the protection of My family. (Luke 15:11-24)
     Because I forgive you, you must learn to forgive everyone who opposes you, injures you, insults you and differs with you,  To refuse to forgive the person binds you to the destructive spirit which caused the evil act toward you, and you will be an inheritor of more destruction.  Forgiving others releases you from the effects of the destructive actions done toward you.  Forgiving others guarantees your release from the curses of strife. 
      I gave you My Holy Spirit to empower you to forgive everyone.  It is only with His power that you can accomplish what I desire for you, which is becoming My righteousness in the earth so that you will be blessed abundantly.
     Place yourself in the excellent position to receive all of My blessings by taking the advice of your Brother Jesus.  I spoke My wisdom to you through Him, wisdom that contains the keys that open the windows of heaven for you.
     Your Loving, Merciful, Forgiving Father        

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